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Sears Employees Retrained On Credit Card Transactions

Mistakes tied to identity theft are prompting Sears to retrain employees.

Major U.S. retailer Sears will require its employees to undergo additional credit card processing training after an investigation exposed sloppy security procedures. KHOU-TV reports that it visited Sears stores in its coverage area and made purchases with credit cards without cashiers verifying the ownership of the account. Not doing so could result in credit card fraud, which is a kind of identity theft.

Along with not asking for other identification, the television station noted that employees did not check to make sure signatures on cards matched signed receipts.

According to the station, the retraining will occur at 850 Sears stores and 1,300 Kmart locations across the country. Both chains are owned by Sears Holding Corp.

Kimberly Freely, a spokeswoman with the company, said that the company's policy is that cashiers check to make sure signatures on receipts match those on cards.

"We are disappointed that these policies were not adhered to recently in the Houston market," Freely told the station.

Though some may feel as though companies should be held responsible in order to prevent credit card fraud, consumers can also do things to prevent it from affecting their credit score. For example, consumers should check their credit report regularly, which can show if an account has been opened in their name.