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Shred Documents To Fight Identity Theft

A good paper shredder can help prevent identity theft.

One common tip that people should remember when it comes to fighting identity theft is to shred all old credit card statements and other financial documents.

By shredding old bills, people help shield themselves against the fairly common low-tech identity theft tactic known as "dumpster diving" where criminals simply go through trash in search of a person's financial data.

Another thing that should be shredded is any credit card offers that show up in the mail, especially with recent media reports noting that after a long hiatus brought on by the credit crunch, such offers are starting to pick up once again.

A recent announcement from the Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Greater Atlanta advised people to keep their tax documents, relevant receipts, payment records and other things such as pay stubs, stored in files in one specific area to keep organized. Many such items are said to be fine to dispose of after seven years, while it may be wise to hang on to tax records for far longer.

Given the many methods that identity thieves have at their disposal, checking up on one’s credit reports is a proactive way to detect identity theft before major damage is done.