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BBB Warns Consumers of New Scams

Some secret shopping programs are actually scams.

A recent report from the Better Business Bureau of Mississippi noted that it - along with the organization's national office - has received calls from consumers who are being targeted by thieves trying to steal their information or money.

Bill Moak, president and CEO of the Mississippi office, said that many scammers may work outside of the U.S., which makes it more difficult to control or apprehend them. Furthermore, these thieves often focus on people who have been made vulnerable by the economy and are looking for ways to make money.

Among the scams that the BBB has run into of late include "secret shopper" programs, where a scammer claims that a consumer can take part in marketing research through shopping with a group's money.

"In reality, it is the consumer's own money being used," the BBB said.

Others claim that they can get a person's job application ahead of other would-be employees, though doing so requires a fee.

These are only some of the scams that consumers may run into, all of which could have an effect on their credit score if the information falls into the wrong hands. In order to avoid being taken, consumers should approach emails and phone calls purporting to be from a legitimate institution with caution, while also not giving away personal information.