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Merchant Warehouse Increases Credit Card Security

New technology increases the security of electronic processing

Merchant Warehouse unveiled a new secure wireless payment technology that will enhance both consumer security and merchant operating efficiency in the hospitality and service industry. Merchant Warehouse allows merchants to electronically process credit and debit cards, gift cards, EBT and other forms of payment.

MerchantWARE Pay @ The Table with BINsmart is customized to each merchant and accompanied by the wireless Ingenico 17780, which has Bluetooth capabilities and functions up to 600 feet from the point-of-sale terminal. The Bluetooth technology encrypts credit card data and securely transmits the information to Merchant Warehouse, where it is processed before being sent back to the POS terminal. This process reduces a merchant's operational costs. MerchantWARE Pay also reduces the cost of interchange fees for merchants, by determining whether the card used is a credit or debit card and automatically charging for the less expensive transaction.

"This is exciting technology that enables the merchant to have complete control of their environment from operating costs to the customer experience," said co-CEO of Merchant Warehouse, Henry Helgeson. Helgeson also applauds the technology for allowing customers to "maintain control over their payment experience, as they can see the card throughout the payment process which is transacted at their table."

The new technology also benefits consumers by eliminating card skimming, which many credit card thieves use to obtain to obtain personal credit or debit card information and, depending on the quality of a skimming device, a customer's PIN number. Card skimming devices can be easily installed by thieves at restaurants, hotels, and even gas stations, storing up to hundreds of PIN and account numbers each day.

"Our Bluetooth wireless payment terminals help eliminate card skimming by allowing customers to maintain control of their card which in turn helps prevent fraud and identity theft from the start," said Lisa Shipley, senior vice president of sales, Ingenico, North America.

The call for increased merchant and consumer protection measures comes as the number of Americans falling victim to identity theft is on the rise. Many identity thieves retrieve personal information by stealing mail or going through trash, while others are using more sophisticated methods, such as skimming devices and email phishing scams, to obtain personal information.