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Lynyrd Skynyrd fan busted for identity theft

Lynyrd Skynyrd fan busted for identity theft.

A woman who illegally made thousands of dollars worth of purchases with someone else's information was arrested when she tried to go to a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert.

According to a report from the Dover (Delaware) Post, the woman tried to get into a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert at the Delaware State Fair in Harrington earlier this week with tickets she purchased using a fraudulently obtained credit card. It was there that state police arrested her, having flagged those tickets as part of their fraud investigation into her activities.

The paper said that the woman opened a credit card account around the middle of June using someone else's personal information and had the card sent to her home. She then used that card to go on a run of spending that saw her pile up $2,328 in credit card debt at restaurants, clothing stores, Wal-Mart and the Lynyrd Skynyrd concert.

The report noted that police were able to narrow their search to identify the woman as a suspect with the help of the credit card issuer's fraud investigation department as well as Wal-Mart's loss prevention manager. She was charged with identity theft, theft over $1,500 and unlawful use of a credit card.

This arrest was the second major identity theft bust by the Delaware State Police in seven days, according to the Georgetown newspaper the Sussex Countian. Earlier in the week, another woman was brought in on 14 counts of identity theft of a person 62 or older, 15 counts of theft and 14 counts of unlawful use of a debit card.

State Police told the paper that a 71-year-old man used an ATM in Rehoboth Beach and forgot to retrieve his debit card from the machine. The 21-year-old woman who was standing behind him in line at the time then stole the card, made several more withdrawals from his account and then used it to make a number of purchases. The total cost of her illegal card use was $1,316. However, police were able to ascertain her identity with surveillance footage.

The paper said that when State Police initially attempted to arrest the woman, who was a native of Belarus, she fled the country, but later returned to the U.S. It was then that she was arrested and held on a $28,500 secured bond.