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Iowa Uses New Identification Methods to Prevent Identity Theft

People in Iowa are going to start getting identification cards through the mail to help prevent identity theft.

In an effort to help avoid the possibility of identity theft, Iowa is turning to a new system in order to issue driver's licenses and identification cards.

Through the new system, people in the state will get their new licenses or identification cards through the mail. However, people in the state will still be able to go to a driver's license station or treasurer's office in order to get services regarding licenses and identification cards.

Once they go through the process at these locations, citizens of the state will be issued a temporary paper license or identification, which can be used with their expiring copy. After a few weeks, they will get their new identification card or license through the mail.

One benefit of the new system is that it allows a digital image check of the cards, which should help reduce instances of people trying to get identification based on fraudulent information.

"Image verification compares the digital photo of the applicant with other digital photos to determine whether it matches other photos in the database," the Iowa Department of Transportation said.

False identification documents are just one of many ways that criminals may try to fool the system. Others include trying to open credit card accounts with other people's information, a crime that recent research shows gained traction last year.