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Identity Theft Warning Issued for the Unemployed

Identity Theft Scams Target Unemployed

According to a report from the Better Business Bureau, the unemployed are now being attacked by criminals pretending to represent a company with a job offer for them, and preying on their desire to find gainful employment. These scams are either intended to bilk the consumer out of money or to steal their identity.

Job hunters should be aware that no legitimate business would ever charge a prospective employee for any reason, scammers use catch phrases like, “background check” or “specialized training” to swindle people’s hard-earned cash. The BBB reports that purported employers requesting applicants pay for something is likely trying to perpetrate a scam of some kind.

In addition, jobseekers should be on the lookout for offers that are too good to be true. Prime example, “work from home” scams offering large sums of money. These are typically part of a pyramid scheme or similar alternative that won't work out as advertised. Likewise, scammers may put out listings for jobs with benefits and salaries well beyond what would be expected for a similar position. This, too is something of which jobseekers should be cautious.

Some scammers have emailed people with resumes on various career sites and said they got a job without a single interview. However, the BBB warns that these types of offers are often accompanied by requests for personal information like bank account information or a Social Security number, under the auspices that these are needed to complete some paperwork. Similar scams involve prospective employers requesting this information so they can look up the potential identity theft victim's credit report.

The best advice for any consumer who is looking for a new job is to simply research a potential employer before contacting them, or even going in for an interview. Jobseekers should be cautious of giving out personal information, Social Security numbers and bank account information in particular.