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ID Thieves Can Purchase ATMs To Defraud Consumers

Cash machines can be a gold mine for identity thieves.

Some scammers have done away with attaching card-reading devices to card machines and are instead simply purchasing ATM machines and using them to gather personal information from victims.

In an attempt to find out how easy it can be for anyone to buy an unregulated ATM, identity theft expert Robert Siciliano recently revealed that machines could be found for sale online with just a few quick clicks.

In a posting on, the Boston-based Siciliano discovered that ATMs could be purchased online with prices ranging from $500-$2,500. Additionally, after driving north of the city, Siciliano said a bar sold him an ATM for $750.

For thieves who get their hands on an ATM machine, they are capable of fooling almost anyone. Last summer a number of professional hackers attending the DEFCON conference in Las Vegas were swindled out of money after using a fake ATM that had been set up outside the conference.

Despite consumers' best attempts to remain untouched by identity thieves, the growing number of threats makes it harder everyday to avoid becoming a victim. In order to ensure one's credit cards are not being used without their knowledge, checking one's credit report on a regular basis could help and identify any fraudulent purchases.