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Austin Man Convicted Of Credit Card Thefts Nationwide

credit cards used for ID theft

According to the U.S District Attorney's Office in Massachusetts, 52-year-old Dennis Savarese was convicted in a federal court on charges of conspiracy, aggravated identity theft, and identity fraud.

Along with three other conspirators, Savarese would steal credit cards from the gym locker rooms across the country on a weekly basis for more than two years.

With the cards in hand, Savarese would transfer the names and numbers on them to coconspirators in Massachusetts who would purchase fake identification using the information. The false IDs would then be used by Savarese during the weekends at racetracks and casinos across the country to withdraw thousands of dollars in cash advances.

Savarese's sentencing has been set for April, where he faces 5 years in prison for the conspiracy charge, 2 years for each aggravated identity theft charge, and 10 years for the identity theft fraud count. The three conspirators have pled guilty to similar charges.

For unknowing consumers who fell victim to the identity theft scam for long periods of time, they could have lost thousands of dollars to the scam before it was put to a stop. However by keeping track of one's credit report, consumers affected by the scam could have noticed the thefts earlier on and limited their losses.