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Along with getting your online credit report with, you can also find a wealth of valuable information relating to identity theft. As your identity theft resource center, provides a variety of helpful articles and information to help you to better protect your finances. With ID theft on the rise, it is now more important than ever to actively seek financial protection. The first step in protecting yourself against identity theft is to get your online credit report with Your credit report can highlight any unusual activity in your accounts, and you can use this information to stop ID thieves from causing more damage to your credit standing. Before you can properly protect your accounts, you must first know how to read and understand your credit report. On, you can find a wealth of helpful information on how to read your credit report, the differences between good and bad credit scores, and the benefits of a 3-in-1 credit report. Get all the information you need about ID theft on, and make sure that your identity is properly protected.

Credit Alert Information with

One very important way to secure your finances from identity theft is through credit alerts. With this credit monitoring service, you can be notified when any and all changes occur to your credit accounts. If you receive a credit alert about an unauthorized new account, somebody may be trying to make you a victim of identity theft. However, after receiving this alert, you can close down this account and contact creditors to further protect your credit standing. An additional benefit of credit alerts with a professional credit monitoring service is receiving helpful updates to see when your credit score has improved. Find more information about credit alerts and identity theft on

Identity Theft and Your Credit Score

If you happen to become the unfortunate victim of identity theft, then your credit score can be negatively affected. With a “bad” credit score from identity theft, you can be prevented from receiving loans, getting credit cards, and you can even lose out on employment opportunities. To help you improve your credit score, and to also reduce your risk of identity theft, there are a number of useful articles on Get your online credit report today, and let help you to overcome the financial damages of identity theft.