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One of the most important pieces of information that any consumer should know is what a credit score is, and what this number really means. Credit score information is a crucial necessity to take control of your financial future, and with, you can review these scores in tandem with your credit report.

The Meaning of Your Credit Score

Credit scores are basically a numerical calculation of your credit risk. Like your social security number, these scores follow you every day and everywhere, and indicate to others whether or not you are financially responsible and secure. This number is designated to you when your credit report is compared with millions of other consumer reports, and based on an examination of your credit history your consumer credit score is calculated. From this number alone, your financial stability can go from profitable to bankrupt, and a poor rating can directly prevent you from acquiring a number of financial necessities. Depending on these scores, you may or may not be able to secure a credit card, a loan for school, a mortgage for your house, or a loan for your vehicle.

Good Vs. Bad Credit Scores

While credit scores usually vary between 300 to 900 points, a score of 720 or higher will yield the best interest rates. The easiest way to check on credit scores is to get your credit report with After reviewing your credit report, if you find that you have a “bad” credit score, this can be due to the following financial problems:

  • Opening many accounts over a small period of time.
  • Failure to pay your bills on time.
  • Not paying your credit cards off every month.
  • Opening extra credit lines that you won’t use in order to receive some short-term benefit, such as a discount at a store.
  • Constantly moving credit balances over to lower rate credit cards.
  • Declaring bankruptcy.

To improve your credit ranking, you should avoid all of these pitfalls, and always pay your bills on time. Additionally, you should try and spread out your credit through various channels, such as with mortgages, loans for your car, and credit cards. Doing this will give you a more attractive credit history. However, the first step towards improving your credit score is to know what your score really is. To find out your credit score rating, and to begin taking control of your financial future today, get an online credit report with

Getting Your Credit Report with

With, not only can you get your credit report, but you can also review important information on how to read and evaluate your credit report. This information can be found in a variety of helpful articles, all of which can help you to better understand your credit score, your credit history, the benefits of a 3-in-1 credit report, and also how to protect yourself against identity theft. Additional articles cover what to do in a credit dispute, the different types of credit fraud, information about the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, and also how your credit score affects your ability to receive insurance.