August 2010

Financial Experts Warns Against Strategic Defaults

Walking away from an underwater mortgage may save homeowners money, but it can be a disastrous move for their credit score.

N.Y. Attorney General Discourages Patients From Healthcare Credit Cards

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is dissuading Americans from securing health-related credit cards after launching an investigation into the practices of physicians and issuers.

Parents Talk to College-Bound Students About Credit Cards

Parents of students at one university are partnering up to talk to their college-bound kids about credit cards.

More Americans Reduce Household Debt, Fed Reports

In an effort to improve their financial condition and perhaps protect themselves in the event of a double-dip recession, more families are reducing the amount of debt they carry.

Generation Y Finds New Financial Troubles Related to Credit Scores

Many young adults across the country have run into financial troubles in the past six months, and as a result have less confidence in their own economic standing.

Credit score a major factor in debit card usage

A new study has found that there is a close correlation between consumers' credit scores and how often they use their debit cards to make purchases, and how much they spend on them.

FHA to introduce credit score minimums on federally-insured home loans

Consumers who want a home loan will now have to have a considerably higher credit score than they used to.