February 2010

Mortgage Applications Drop As Rates Increase

Fewer consumers submit home loan applications as they focus on building their credit scores.

Intel Reveals Security Breach in SEC Filing

Computer corporation Intel thwarts hacking attempt.

III Shares Tips On Improving Credit Score

III urges consumers to practice smart money management techniques to keep credit healthy.

Mortgage Rates Bump Up To End February, Says Zillow

Mortgage rates rose during the last week of February, making it more costly for consumers to refinance.

MBA proposal would help homeowners avoid foreclosure

The Mortgage Bankers Association said this week that it had conceptualized a plan to help struggling homeowners stave off foreclosure.

Nervous consumers say no to investments

In a sign that consumers are watching their credit scores closely, few people are expressing interest in risky stock or home investments.

Some Loan Modification Offers Fraudulent

Consult with a reputable lender directly to avoid falling victim to loan modification scams.

Credit-union credit card may be safer than for-profit cards

Interest-rate caps are among the top reasons consumers may want to consider a credit-union credit card over for-profit options, according to a report by Forbes.

Home Purchases Sluggish As Americans' Credit Scores Drop

Few Americans are showing interest in buying homes due to past years' borrowing binges that left many people's credit scores in shambles.

Young People Optimistic, But Careful With Credit Scores

The economic downturn may make young adults more conservative with their credit

Report Shows Credit Score Requirements Tightened

Creditors employ more stringent lending standards and higher credit score requirements.

Persuasion Campaigns Aimed At Convincing Consumers to Opt-In

New laws prohibit banks from automatically enrolling customers in overdraft programs

Modifications Approvals Will Depend Largely On Income

Lenders will look at both income and credit scores to determine borrowers' eligibility for home modifications

Credit Debt Declines In Q4 2009 As Delinquencies Rise

A new report shows Americans had trouble paying down outstanding credit card debt during the fourth quarter of 2009.

Conversion Fee Survives Law to Protect Consumers

The currency conversion fee has survived recent measures to boost consumer protection.

Be Aware of Credit Score Requirements for Home Ownership

Consult with mortgage brokers about loan eligibility before submitting an application.

White House Hails Implementation Of Credit Reforms

Consumers working to build their credit score and get out of debt got an important new tool this week as new federal reforms took effect.

Website From Central Bank Intended to Help Consumers

New website will provide information on the benefits of the CARD Act and how it affects consumers

Risk-Averse Americans Shun Home Purchases

Despite mortgage rates below 5 percent, Americans are showing widespread aversion to new home loans.

New Agency Could Cover Shortfalls From Credit Law

Lawmakers propose new agency to regulate banking practices and prevent abuse.

CARD Act Limits Fees On Certain Credit Cards

Issuers will be required to lower fees that accompany 'bad credit' credit cards

CARD Act Will Bring Changes To Statements Next Week

Sweeping credit card reforms are set to take effect next week and will include changes to the statements people get in the mail.

Credit Card Issuer Reports Lower Delinquency Rates

More credit cardholders are paring down their debt and making timely payments, report shows.

More Consumers Interested In Improving Credit Score

A new study shows more Americans are paying down debt and spending more wisely to improve credit.

New iPhone App Makes Credit Card Spending Easier

New app will allow more small businesses to accept credit card payments.

Federal Reforms Likely To Save Consumers Billions

New interest rate laws enacted by the CARD Act may allow consumers to avoid debt and credit score damage.

Good Credit Key For Auto Purchases

Auto dealers likely to assign best financing deals to consumers with healthy credit scores.

Wealthy Homeowners Feeling Pinched By Debt

Owners of some of the country's most expensive homes are having trouble making their mortgage payments.

Don’t Let Low Score Prevent You From Using Homebuyer Tax Credit

Talk to lenders about their credit score requirements for securing a home loan and government tax credit.

Unemployed Americans Work To Rebuild Credit Scores

Many jobless adults fall behind on their financial obligations, leading to credit score damage.

Foreclosures Continue To Take Toll On Credit Scores

More Americans are seeing their credit scores drop after losing their homes to foreclosure.

Small Businesses Seek Credit Score Protection

Many business owners are putting their credit scores at risk by switching to consumer cards.

Law Protects Kids From Debt, Important Lessons

A new law aimed at protecting consumers will prevent young people from getting credit cards - and learning valuable lessons.

Damage Control Is As Unique As Credit Score

Smart money management habits will help you avoid credit score damage - and the time it takes to rebuild it.

Pay Bills On Time To Keep Credit Score Healthy

With credit markets remaining tight, having a higher credit score is more important than ever.

Loan Modification Program Faces Scrutiny

A program designed to keep struggling mortgagees in their homes is being investigated by a House of Representatives committee.

Signing Kids Onto Account May Help Them Build Credit Score

Co-signing a credit card for your son or daughter may help them build their credit score.

Federal Law Protects Consumers From Unfair Collection Activities

Consumers will see a new set of protections that will shield them from unscrupulous debt collection practices.

Consumers Prioritize Credit Card Bills Over Mortgage Payments

An increasing number of people are current on their credit cards but behind on their mortgages, a recent TransUnion study found.

Scammed Consumers Receive Relief

The Federal Trade Commission extends $1.6 million in redress to consumers who suffered credit score damage due to a fraudulent collections agency.