Evaluate Want Vs. Need Before Turning To Credit

To avoid overspending, learn how to evaluate need vs. want before reaching for your credit card.

How Unpaid Medical Bills Can Ruin Your Credit Score

Before you decide to skip out on paying your medical expenses, learn how unpaid medical bills can show up on your credit report and ruin your credit score.

What Factors Influence Your Car Insurance Rates?

Understand the factors that influence your car insurance rates, from your credit score to your marital status, and cut your cost of car insurance.

Deciding How to Pay for Your Wedding

Use these tips to financially plan your big day. Distinguish what method of payment you will use for various aspects of your wedding.

How To Prevent Financial Peer Pressure From Keeping You Poor

Let's face it sometimes our social lives can be expensive. Not to mention all the societal pressures coming from TV and magazines. Here's how to avoid financial peer pressure.

Getting A Mortgage With A Bad Credit Score

Learn what to do if you need to get a mortgage and your credit score is low.

Ways To Negotiate Your Credit Card Rate

Flaunt your good credit score to lenders to lower your interest rate.

Best Way To Pay Down Credit Card Debt

Prioritizing high-interest payments and re-organizing your budget can help you reduce credit card debt.

Top 3 Reasons Your Credit Score May Drop

Certain credit practices may have a negative impact on your credit score.

Student Loan Payment Alternatives for Difficult Times

Consider your different repayment alternatives if you find yourself struggling to meet your student loan obligations.

Bounce Back From Bankruptcy

Counteract the negative bankruptcy mark on your credit report by employing responsible credit habits.

Prepaid Cards and Your Credit Score

Prepaid products are an alternative to credit and do not have an effect on credit scores. So, if you want to build your credit consider a secured credit card.

The Damaging Effects of Missed Mortgage Payments

Missing a mortgage payment can significantly weaken your credit score.

Protect Your Credit During Unemployment

Explore ways to keep your credit score healthy during unemployment.

How Retail Credit Cards Impact Your Credit Score

Get an understanding for the differences and similarities between retail and traditional credit cards, as well as the implications for your credit score.

How a Mortgage Modification Can Impact Your Credit Score

The way lenders report your payment history on mortgage modifications can have a significant impact on your credit score.

Do You Qualify For A Parent PLUS Loan?

Find out more about the eligibility requirements for Parent PLUS loans.

Use Your Credit Score to Negotiate Better Rates

A high credit score may allow you to negotiate better terms on pre-existing bills such as a mortgage, insurance or credit card.

Should You Co-Sign A Loan?

Learn how co-signing a loan may affect your credit score and credit report.

Why Did My Credit Score Drop?

There are many factors that influence your credit score, both positive and negative. Here's a guide to what can cause your credit score to drop.

Understanding Your Credit Utilization Ratio

Use your credit responsibly to keep your credit utilization rate low and maintain a favorable credit score.

Five Factors That Make Up Your Credit Score

Strategically manage your financial obligations to preserve your credit score and qualify for top-tier financial products.

Credit Score Myths and Misconceptions

Know what’s true and false when it comes to your credit score.

How Does Debt Management Affect My Credit Score?

Manage debt responsibly to keep your credit score healthy.

Reconsider Taking on Unnecessary Debt

Consult your credit report and credit score before taking out loans or using credit cards excessively.

How Does Payment History Affect Your Credit Score?

Managing your bills wisely is a key factor in building a strong credit score.

Mortgage Timeline In Terms Of Your Credit Score

Get the best deal you can on your mortgage by knowing your score before you buy.

Protect Your Credit During Divorce Proceedings

Take steps to ensure all joint-credit accounts are paid off to avoid black marks on your credit report.

Who Looks At Your Credit Score

Who Looks At Your Credit Score

Credit Card Tips For Credit Scores

Tips for how to best use credit cards to benefit credit scores.

Why Are Credit Scores Used for Auto Insurance Rates?

Study will highlight qualifications used to set auto insurance premiums, including credit scores, education and occupation.

Culture of Spending Varies by City

New report shows the city you live in may affect how much debt you incur.

Americans’ Credit Scores Decline

More Americans have seen their credit scores slip below 600, but lenders aren’t any more lenient when approving loans. How to improve your credit rating.

Job Trouble Can Turn into Credit Trouble

Unemployment can damage credit scores, particularly if you’re not careful with your credit card spending.

More Employers Check Applicants' Credit Scores

If you are, or have recently been, out of work, you know how frustrating the job search can be, and it might get harder.

Consumers Liable for Their Company Credit Cards

Consumers may be liable for company credit card debts.

Financial Experts Warns Against Strategic Defaults

Walking away from an underwater mortgage may save homeowners money, but it can be a disastrous move for their credit score.

N.Y. Attorney General Discourages Patients From Healthcare Credit Cards

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is dissuading Americans from securing health-related credit cards after launching an investigation into the practices of physicians and issuers.

Parents Talk to College-Bound Students About Credit Cards

Parents of students at one university are partnering up to talk to their college-bound kids about credit cards.

More Americans Reduce Household Debt, Fed Reports

In an effort to improve their financial condition and perhaps protect themselves in the event of a double-dip recession, more families are reducing the amount of debt they carry.