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The importance of checking credit report information

Credit reports are an essential document in your financial life. Therefore, it's crucial that you become aware of what it says about you and your financial responsibility. The act of checking credit reports is as significant as the information it contains; in fact, aside from paying your bills on time, the most important thing you can do to ensure good credit is to check your report on a regular basis.

The most important reason for you to get an accurate credit check is to flag any inaccuracies that could signal identity theft and/or that could be harming your score. Studies show that many consumer reports contain errors that can affect your ability to get a good interest rate on home or car loans, or even to get a job. Potential employers may do a credit check for employment to determine whether you're financially responsible. And landlords often do a credit check for renters. Errors on credit reports can be the result of anything from human error to a computer glitch to identity theft. So check to make sure you don't become a victim of credit report errors.

Because of all these reasons, the Federal Trade Commission recommends people checking their credit reports at least every few months.

How to go about checking credit reports

There are a number of ways you can check credit reports. provides a service that allows you to check your reports quickly and easily. Our service provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Online delivery: With, you can access your report in seconds online. And if you become a member, you can receive special promotions.
  • Credit score: An important part of these reports, lenders use credit scores to determine the interest rate to charge you.
  • Credit monitoring: So you don't have to check your report as often, provides a daily monitoring service that alerts you to any significant changes to your credit file within 24 hours. Contact one of our monitoring specialists at 1-800-720-4420 to find out more about this service.

Also, given the increasing threat of identity theft, you can rest assured that checking online reports through is safe. Our website is secured by 128 bit SSL encryption technology for all personal and financial data input, meaning that if it is intercepted by a third party, it can't be read. So if you're wondering, is it safe "for me to check credit reports online?" - you can feel free to safely check credit online at

And when you use to do a credit check online, you can know that your request for your credit report will show up as a "soft inquiry," meaning it won't negatively affect your credit score.
There are many more reasons why a check from is a wise financial decision. For more information on how to check your credit report, or how to instantly get your 3 in 1 credit report, FREE score, and identity theft insurance, go to now!