March 2010

Financial Literacy Promoted In April

With National Financial Literacy Month quickly approaching, now may be the perfect time for consumers to take a look at their personal finances.

Correcting A Credit Report Is Worth It Over Time

Fixing credit report errors will boost your credit score and make you more appealing to lenders.

Checking Credit One Key To Healthy Personal Finances

Examine your credit report for accuracy to improve your credit score.

Risky Mortgage Moves Can Have Long-Term Effects

Strategic mortgage defaulters should be prepared for the long-term effects it can have on their credit score and finances.

Identity Theft Risk Increased By Data Breaches

Enroll in credit monitoring after a data breach to protect your credit score.

FTC takes on phony credit repair organizations

The Federal Trade Commission is highlighting a case that should serve as a reminder to consumers to take some promises from credit repair companies with a grain of salt.

Consumers less likely to deal with high overdraft fees in future

Even with major revisions having been implemented to the nation's credit card laws earlier this year, consumers haven't seen the last of changes to the ways they use plastic.

Data confirms ongoing debt struggles for many Americans

Recent survey data finds that Americans are continuing to struggle with sustaining sufficient credit scores and holding down their debts.

Poor Credit Scores One Factor Holding Back Home Sales

Many consumers unable to secure a mortgage loan due to low credit scores and income.

Housing market should motivate consumers to build up credit scores

Homeowners have a variety of different factors to consider as they weigh whether to try to refinance their mortgage in the coming months, or even try to enter the housing market for the first time.