February 2010

Interest Rates Increase To End February

Rising mortgage rates and credit score standards restrict many consumers from refinancing their homes.

GDP revision could lead to more jobs amid improved economy

Consumers who are worried about potential damage done to their credit report as they try to make their payments any way possible may be heartened by an upward revision of the Gross Domestic Product during the fourth quarter of 2009.

Delinquencies rise as Freddie Mac mortgage portfolio declines

An increasing number of homeowners fell into delinquency on their mortgage payments in January, potentially harming their credit score in the process, according to the latest monthly volume summary of Freddie Mac's mortgage portfolio released on Frid

New retirement savings rules announced by Obama administration

A proposed set of retirement savings regulations were announced on Friday by Vice President Joe Biden.

Identity theft can create long-term problems

One of many reasons to take every step possible to combat identity theft is the chance that people can find themselves victimized by criminals for much longer than expected.

Cautious lenders mean borrowers need high credit scores

Financial institutions have only recently begun to step up their lending activities and remain generally reluctant to issue loans to people who lack particularly high credit scores.

Walking Away From Mortgage Carries Legal, Credit Risks

Strategically defaulting on your mortgage will result in long-term credit score damage and, in some states, legal action.

Improve Credit Score to Purchase A Home

A strong credit score will secure you lower mortgage rates and greater savings in the long run.

Monitor Credit Report To Reduce Identity Theft Risk

Enroll in a credit monitoring service to receive notification when changes are made to your credit report.

CARD Act Aims To Protect Young Adults' Credit

New financial provisions will make it more difficult for young adults to obtain credit cards and incur debt

Credit Report Errors Can Cause Financial Mishaps

Disputing credit errors will boost your credit score and improve your loan eligibility.

Couples Exchange Credit Scores, Reports This Valentine’s Day

More couples plan to share credit histories before taking big steps in their relationships.

Would-Be Mortgage Seekers Need Best Possible Credit Score

Boost your credit score to secure prime rates on mortgage financing.

Don't Jump Into Marriage Before Discussing Credit Histories

Share your credit history and financial goals with your partner before marriage.