How To Perform A Mid-Year Financial Review

Discover how to perform a mid-year financial review and see if you are on target with your personal finance goals.

How To Save Money On Vacation

Before you book your dream vacation, pack up these tips on ways to save money on your getaway.

Pros and Cons of Credit Card Rewards Programs

The benefits of credit card rewards programs can be sweet, but before you get in over your head discover the pros and cons of rewards card programs.

How to Remove Yourself as a Co-signer

Before you co-sign on the dotted line, discover your options for removing yourself as a co-signer from a student loan, car loan, credit card or mortgage.

4 Ways to Save Money on Holiday Shopping

Planning ahead for the holidays can help you limit your spending and avoid debt.

What is A Fraud Alert?

Learn what a fraud alert is, plus when and how to use it. Here we discuss two types of alerts an initial alert and an extended alert.

Most Common Debt Collection Myths

Avoid these common debt collection falsehoods when dealing collectors.

Fun Ways To Teach Your Teen About Credit

Use creative ways to teach your teenager about credit and give them a hands on experience.

Tips To Qualify For Your First Mortgage

Organizing your finances and managing your credit responsibly can help you secure your first mortgage.

Consequences Of A Strategic Default On Your Mortgage

Consider the repercussions of strategic default and understand how you can protect your credit score in the process.

Financial Products That Don’t Build Credit

Certain financial transactions have no impact on your credit score.

Check Your Credit Before Apartment Hunting

Landlords check your credit history to determine your financial responsibility. Do you know what they see?

What Factors Affect a Mortgage Refinance Agreement?

Get your documents and credit in order before submitting a refinance application.

Make Your Credit Report Work for You

Use your credit report and score as a guide to stay on top of your finances.

When to Check Your Credit Report

Review your credit report as you navigate different life events to gauge your credit standing, dispute errors and identify areas for improvement.

Different Types of Credit

How various types of credit impact your credit report and credit score.

What Information Is Listed On My Credit Report?

Your credit report contains personal information, account details and public records details.

Manage Student Loans Wisely To Safeguard Your Credit Report

Be aware of your rights and responsibilities when it comes to paying for college.

How To Dispute Errors On Your Credit Report

Remove incorrect information from your credit report to raise your credit score.

Use Your Credit Report to Gauge Debt Management Activities

Trying to manage and repay debt is an ongoing effort. Use your credit report to measure your progress.

How Filing Bankruptcy Impacts Your Credit

A guide to weighing the pros and cons of filing bankruptcy, as well as the impact it will have on your credit score.

Dispute Inaccuracies on Your Credit Report

Perform a credit check yourself and dispute any inaccuracies to keep them from hurting your credit score.

Preparing Your Credit Report for Mortgage Lenders

Learn why it’s important to check your credit report and prepare before you apply for a mortgage.

Hearings Debate Employer Credit Checks

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission will hear testimony on the practice of employers running credit checks to qualify applicants.

Request A Second Review if Credit Application is Rejected

If your loan application was denied, check your credit report and correct any inaccuracies. Then ask for a second review of your application.

Proposed Medical Bill Seeks to Reduce Credit Report Damage

New legislation would prevent credit report damage caused by medical-related debt.

Identity Theft Possible After Union Mix-Up

Identity theft criminals got everything they need when Social Security numbers were printed on the outside of envelopes in a recent data breach.

Employer Credit Checks Prohibited in Illinois

Amid national controversy over the use of a job applicants' credit information to determine hiring eligibility, the state of Illinois has enacted a law banning the practice.

More Young Adults Turn To Bankruptcy To Discharge Student Loan Debt

As more recent graduates are finding their student loan repayment grace periods expiring and no job in sight, some are considering filing bankruptcy to discharge thousands in debt.

Employers May Use Credit Reports To Determine Honesty

Many companies admit to examining an applicant's credit report to gauge their level of responsibility and trustworthiness, but what about honesty?

Consumers Should Not Feel Powerless Against Identity Theft

All of the publicity surrounding the prevalence of identity theft may make some Americans feel vulnerable, but one study reminds consumers that taking action can help them protect themselves.

Talk To Lenders To Secure Credit After Bankruptcy

There are many ramifications of bankruptcy that consumers may not be aware of until after they file, but most Americans initially understand that securing credit will be more difficult.

Should Americans Be Required To Attend Bankruptcy Counseling?

Under the current law, individuals planning on declaring bankruptcy are required to attend credit counseling sessions prior to filing. But many are questioning whether this law is necessary.