Credit Monitoring Features's Credit Monitoring Features

When you use, you can feel secure with credit monitoring, without having to do a thing. If there is any significant change to your credit, you’ll be instantly notified using an online credit protection alert. Plus, you will receive monthly credit monitoring notices that provide you with an updated view of your credit at-a-glance.

Credit monitoring features from include Experian credit monitoring, and provide you with instant alerts via email or phone if there is a change to your credit report, so you can react immediately if there is suspicious activity.

What will you see on your credit monitoring report?

  • New accounts opened
  • New public records
  • Changes to public records
  • Changes to account information
  • Inquiries to your credit files
  • Address changes will provide you with credit monitoring notification alerts by email, phone, or through the postal mail. These monitor service notifications will alert you instantly to any inquiries, newly opened accounts, new public records, and address changes. never stops monitoring and protecting your credit files. You will receive a credit protection update every month that includes a summary of changes in your credit files and a summary of accounts that have not had any major changes. This will give you an easy way to perform an instant credit monitoring check – within minutes.

The information included on your monthly monitoring report includes:

  • New accounts
  • Credit Inquiries
  • Address updates
  • ID information updates
  • Public record items (judgments or bankruptcies)
  • Collection accounts
  • Negative changes to current accounts
  • Closed accounts
  • Items removed
  • Credit line increases

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