Why Credit Monitoring

 Why Credit Monitoring? – CreditReport.com

Many consumers wonder, "why credit monitoring?" Whether you're looking to improve your credit score or you're thinking about making a major investment such as a new home or automobile, credit monitoring can help. Careful monitoring not only helps to measure shifts in your score, but also helps you identify any errors in reporting or instances of identity theft or unauthorized usage.

According to a recent report from U.S. PIRG, up to 70 percent of all credit reports contain some errors. Over time, these errors can hurt your overall credit scores. Identifying these errors can save you hundreds of dollars in inappropriate late fees, interest charges, and other unjustified expenses.

Credit monitoring services alert you, usually by email, whenever there are significant changes to your credit report. After all, only you know if you opened a new account or changed your address. Credit monitoring allows you to address problems and errors as quickly as possible. This is especially important if you are the victim of identity theft.

On CreditReport.com, along with your credit report, you can also find valuable information on how to accurately review your credit report for errors. For maximum protection against identity theft, you must be able to clearly understand your monitoring report, and CreditReport.com provides helpful credit directions that anybody can follow. To get more information about credit-related issues, CreditReport.com features a series of credit articles that are freely available to you. For your benefit, these articles include information on the differences between a “good” and “bad” credit score, a comparison between 3-and-1 credit reports and single bureau reports, and descriptions of the three different credit bureaus. Other articles cover the damaging effects of a negligent cell phone pay history on your credit score, insightful ways that you can improve your credit score over time, and how a “bad” credit score can affect your chances of getting insurance coverage. Additional articles on CreditReport.com include information on how a “bad” credit score can hinder your ability to purchase an automobile, a boat, a house, and even prevent you from numerous employment opportunities. To take control of your financial future, be sure to choose monitoring with CreditReport.com, where you can get all the credit information that you need.

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