February 2010

CARD Act Motivates Consumers to Seek Credit Counseling

More Americans consult professionals for budgeting, debt management and credit score advice.

College Crowd Still Targeted By Lenders

Card issuers are finding loopholes in a new law aimed at protecting college students from credit cards.

Consumers worried about the economy may want to rely on credit monitoring

Consumers' confidence in the present-day state of the economy is at a 27-year low, and more people may be watching their finances closely as the nation's recovery continues to be slow.

Treasury Supports Creation Of CFPA

The Treasury Department voiced its approval of the new consumer watchdog agency

Burdensome Student Loans More Likely

Rising tuition costs may reduce the affordability of college for many consumers.

Woman Reported As Deceased On Credit Report

A Washington woman recently found out how important having correct information on a credit report really is.

Credit Mailings Up, But Consumers May Be Uninterested

Credit card issuers are hoping that consumers will be receptive to mailed card offers, but those companies may be swimming against the current.

Report: Hackers Target Hospitality Industry

Protect yourself during vacation by monitoring your credit and carrying cash.

Americans' Debt Problems Mount, Data Shows

Rising delinquencies highlight ordinary Americans' struggles with debt, a new report suggests.