September 2010

Data Breach Laws in Senate

A law that could lead to data breach victims receiving free credit monitoring is one step closer to reality.

Overcome Lending Restrictions

Become more attractive to lenders by employing money management techniques to boost your credit score.

Incidents and Awareness of Data Breaches Continue to Increase

Data breaches trending upward since 2006. What should you do if your identity’s exposed by a data breach?

Healthcare Data Breaches On the Rise

Digital storage of medical records is leading to higher incidents of data breaches, leading to ID theft.

August 2010

Credit Bureaus Held Responsible for Inaccurate Information

After one woman was erroneously named a Colombian drug dealer, a court rules that credit bureaus will be held responsible for false watch list data information.

Large Number of Data Breaches Result of Configuration Errors

Minor application errors on a computer system may make it easier for hackers to breach a company's database.

Credit Monitoring After Breach Could Take Months to Begin

While there have been fewer consumers affected by data breaches of any kind so far this year, the number of such incidents has increased dramatically over the same period in 2009.

Military Data Breach Caused By Malware

The data breach that compromised sensitive military information is the direct result of an infected USB drive.

Hospital Offers Credit Monitoring After Discovery of Possible Breach

A medical center in South Carolina has said it will offer about 200 patients credit monitoring and other identity theft protection after it found a potential breach of its computer system.

Identity Theft Possible After Laptop Stolen from Hospital

A break-in at the University of Kentucky's largest healthcare center has prompted fears that thieves may now be able to perpetrate identity theft.

Medical Center Offers Credit Monitoring After Thieves Steal Four Computers

A clinic in Oregon was recently hit by thieves, who got away with four computers and a portable hard drive. It is now offering affected patients free credit monitoring.

Consumer Union Pushes for Mobile Payment Protection

As mobile technology becomes more popular among consumers who want to make fast and easy payments, the advocacy group Consumer Union questions the safety of this method.

University Pulls Back Credit Monitoring Offer After Budget Cuts

Though Louisiana State University said it would give credit monitoring to those affected after a data breach struck its email system, it has had to rescind that offer thanks to cutbacks.

Bank of America Settles Data Theft Lawsuit

A recent settlement will require Bank of America to provide credit monitoring, identity theft insurance and financial reimbursement to roughly 17 million people.

Credit Monitoring Would Be Required After Data Breach Under New Law

A new law introduced in Congress earlier this month would require organizations hit by data breaches to provide affected consumers with credit monitoring.

Background Checks May Help Consumers Detect Identity Theft

Most employers run background checks on applicants to determine if they have any criminal information in their past that may disqualify them from a job, but consumers may benefit from doing the same - on themselves.

Dental office offers credit monitoring after burglary

Many consumers have recently been affected by large-scale data breaches, particularly those who had information stored by their health care professionals. After one such incident, a dental office in Washington is offering affected patients a year of

UConn Offers Credit Monitoring After Security Breach

In yet another example of lax security at a college, thieves have made off with a laptop containing the names and Social Security numbers of 10,174 people who applied for admission to the University of Connecticut.

FTC Suggests Changing Language Of Credit Reporting Information

The information listed on a consumer's credit report is a significant determining factor in their loan, insurance and employment eligibility, making it pivotal that they understand their rights.

Health Insurer Offering Credit Monitoring to 640,000 After Security Breach

When a major nationwide healthcare provider like Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield experiences a security breach, many Americans may find that their personal identity information may have been compromised.

Dental School Gives Free Credit Monitoring After Multiple Security Breaches

A problem many health care facilities have is keeping the sensitive information they store about patients, doctors, staff and even business partners safe and out of the hands of hackers.

College Students Will See Credit Changes This Fall

Most university campuses are inundated with representatives of credit card companies during back-to-school welcome events, but new rules may cut down on the number of applications this year.

Company Denies Credit Monitoring Even After Identity Theft Revealed

Most consumers assume that if a company inadvertently allows an identity thief to open an account in their name, that corporation will help them to protect their information in the future. However, that is not always the case.

More Professionals May Comply with Credit Monitoring Requirements

In the past, doctor's offices and hospitals that lost the personal information of their patients and customers were required to provide those affected with notice of the security breach and credit monitoring.

More Collections Agencies Inaccurately Reporting Debt

The debt collection business is booming in the U.S. as more Americans are finding it harder to meet their financial obligations. But some hasty debt collectors are targeting the wrong people.

Senate introduces legislation that would require credit monitoring after data breach

A new bill introduced by members of the Senate Commerce Committee would require businesses or nonprofits who store data to provide credit monitoring to consumers after a security breach.

University of Texas at Arlington offers free credit monitoring after security breach

After a large number of medical records containing the personal information of staff, faculty and students at the University of Texas at Arlington were compromised, the school said it would offer free credit monitoring to all affected.

Consulting firm offers credit monitoring after hospital security breach

A consulting firm that lost sensitive personal information for employees of a hospital in Idaho is offering potential identity theft victims a free year of credit monitoring.