How To Prevent Financial Peer Pressure

FEB 10, 2015

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When you feel obligated to attend events, buy new clothes or generally keep up with the Jones, you may be flirting with debt. All these expectations mean additional expenses, and often due to financial peer pressure.

These days, were constantly told to buy luxury goods via the celebrity culture that lives on every TV channel and newsstand. Its easy to get caught up in it all. If you feel its time for a change, weve got suggestions on how to cut back.

Explain Yourself

Are your friends part of the problem? Having a social life doesnt need to mean busting your budget with expensive nights out, mini vacations or shopping sprees.

While friends often have varying financial situations, you should still be able to talk about money. Especially, if you feel youre your hang time is clouded by financial pressures. Be open and tell them that you’re trying to reduce unnecessary expenses.

Plan Low-Cost Time Together

Instead of planning expensive entertainment options, initiate low-cost events that fall within your budget. Host a pot luck dinner or game night and invite your closest friends. This will allow you to spend time together without breaking the bank.

Set A Savings Goal and Track Your Progress

Determine a set amount of money that you want to save by a certain time. Goals will help you manage your spending in the short term, while working to accomplish what you want out of the long term. Set up automatic savings and be sure to track your progress. Seeing your savings grow may encourage you to further curb your spending.

Trick Yourself Into Saving

If you have trouble saying no, it might help to eliminate the temptation to spend altogether. Employ a couple simple tips that will make it more difficult to spend your money.

  1. Carry fewer cards or try operating only on cash. Its completely different to spend 60 bucks with cash, versus the ease with which you can slide your card.
  2. Write down your goals and carry them on you. Keeping your goals in mind and finding low-cost alternatives can help you protect yourself from the pitfalls of financial peer pressure, such as credit card debt.