Credit Reports

Credit Monitoring Services

You may have heard of something called “credit monitoring” and wondered if it was right for you. People monitor their credit reports to track improvements in their credit scores, prevent identity theft, and correct errors in their reports. Credit reports often contain errors. While errors in the spelling of your name may not harm your […]

📅 MAR 16, 2015

Understanding Credit Management

When it comes to credit management, there’s a lot more to it than just making sure you don’t overspend – or allowing your spouse or child to overspend. There are more factors to consider when you sign up for a new credit card, such as: What’s the annual percentage rate on the card? How is […]

📅 MAR 13, 2015

Correlation Between Online Shopping & Home Buying

It might be difficult to see the correlation between ordering Chinese food for dinner and purchasing a new home, but lenders are keeping a close eye on food deliveries and online shopping, according to the Los Angeles Times. During the economic downturn, a new wave of scams hit nearly every area of the economy, including […]

📅 MAR 12, 2015

Bankruptcy And Your Credit Report

Bankruptcy can be a tricky process, especially if a consumer plans to continue payments on certain financial obligations. Therefore, understanding the full impact bankruptcy may have, including how it affects a consumer’s assets and credit report, may help them to avoid mistakes. One consumer wrote into the advice column with concerns regarding his auto […]

📅 MAR 03, 2015

Bankruptcy And Your Credit

Millions of Americans have filed for bankruptcy protection since the economic collapse and subsequent recession in 2008. For many consumers, bankruptcy was a last resort to control their debt. If you are in the midst of a financial crisis and are trying to determine whether bankruptcy is right for you, make sure you understand the […]

📅 MAR 01, 2015

Recovering From Identity Theft

GETTING HELP Start by getting proactive. ID Theft Prevention is ID Theft Protection. The best place to start protecting your credit is with a fresh credit report. Your credit report is the hub for all of your financial information. If theres a problem with your credit or if youve been a victim of identity theft, […]

📅 FEB 24, 2015

Language in Credit Reports

The information listed on a consumer’s credit report is a significant determining factor in their loan, insurance and employment eligibility, making it pivotal that they understand their rights. With more lenders and employers relying on a consumer’s credit file when considering them for financing or job positions, negative or inaccurate information listed could put individuals […]

📅 FEB 17, 2015

How Does Identity Theft Happen?

An ID thief can get your information hundreds of ways. The goal of most identity theft scams is to access your credit card or bank account information. If you keep that in mind at all times, it can help you remain more vigilant about protecting your information and your money. Below are just some of […]

📅 FEB 06, 2015

Help to Detect Medical Identity Theft

As the number of data breaches at hospitals and medical offices grows, more Americans are becoming aware of the dangers surrounding medical identity theft. This type of theft is the fastest-growing form of identity theft and poses both financial and medical dangers to victims. While identity theft relating to credit and debit cards may cost […]

📅 FEB 05, 2015

Healthcare and Credit Monitoring Requirements

In the past, doctor’s offices and hospitals that lost the personal information of their patients and customers were required to provide those affected with notice of the security breach and credit monitoring. According to Atlantic Information Services’ Report on Patient Privacy, the Department of Health and Human Services recently proposed that “subcontractors” would have to […]

📅 FEB 04, 2015