Credit Reports

What Would Cosigning Mean for You?

What would you do if a friend or family member asked you to cosign a loan? Before you answer, make sure you understand what your obligations are. When you agree to cosign for someone else’s debt, you are essentially guaranteeing payment if that person defaults. You are being asked to take a risk that a […]

📅 APR 13, 2015

Understanding Your Credit Utilization Ratio

Have you ever heard the phrase, too much of a good thing , when something went wrong? Well, this adage definitely applies to your use of credit cards. Specifically, spending too much on your credit cards can be too much of a good thing when it comes to your credit score. Whether you have one […]

📅 APR 02, 2015

Types of Credit Reports

There are two main types of credit reports offered by single bureau credit reports and 3 credit bureau reports. The main difference between these two credit reports is that a single bureau credit report provides the information on your financial history as reported by one of the three major credit bureaus (in this case […]

📅 APR 01, 2015

What Consumers With Great Credit Do Right

Many consumers may know what makes up a credit score, but they may not have the know-how to improve their score in actual practice. The good news for consumers is that, if they know what makes up a credit score, then they’re already more knowledgeable than most about what steps to take to set themselves […]

📅 MAR 30, 2015

FACT Act: The Basics

If you’re looking for information about your credit score, you’ve probably heard of something called “the FACT Act.” The FACT Act, which stands for Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, was signed into law in 2003. It is a revision of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Basically, the FACT Act allows consumers to get one […]

📅 MAR 27, 2015

Data Breach Laws in Senate

The U.S. Senate is now holding hearings and calling witnesses as it weighs whether or not to pass the Data Security and Breach Notification Act of 2010, a report from AXcess News said. The bill would require companies to give consumers, whose records were compromised in data breaches, either two years of credit reports or […]

📅 MAR 23, 2015

Damaging Effects of Missed Mortgage Payments

For most homeowners, your mortgage is the largest line of credit listed on your credit report. Given the significance of such a large loan, lenders place a heavy weight on how you manage that account. Part of that is your ability to make payments on-time and in full. So when you a miss a payment, […]

📅 MAR 23, 2015

Credit Ratings: The Basics

There’s a lot of talk about credit ratings when dealing with personal finance, and while it’s a very important subject, there is also a lot of confusion surrounding the idea of the credit rating. Here are some facts about credit ratings that everybody should understand. A credit rating is a guideline for potential lenders about […]

📅 MAR 17, 2015

Credit Monitoring Services

You may have heard of something called “credit monitoring” and wondered if it was right for you. People monitor their credit reports to track improvements in their credit scores, prevent identity theft, and correct errors in their reports. Credit reports often contain errors. While errors in the spelling of your name may not harm your […]

📅 MAR 16, 2015

Understanding Credit Management

When it comes to credit management, there’s a lot more to it than just making sure you don’t overspend – or allowing your spouse or child to overspend. There are more factors to consider when you sign up for a new credit card, such as: What’s the annual percentage rate on the card? How is […]

📅 MAR 13, 2015