How to Apply for a Job

The national unemployment rate held at 8.2 percent in May, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With so many people looking for work, you may be wondering how to apply for a job and have the best chance of landing it. Personal experience ” and the combined advice of a number of job-search resources […]

📅 JUN 29, 2012

Easy Ideas for Starting Your Own Business

Being your own boss has lots of advantages ”and lots of challenges. One of the first hurdles many would-be entrepreneurs face is deciding just what business to go into and trying to come up with the funds to launch it. Raising start-up capital can be a daunting task ”so daunting that it may make you […]

📅 FEB 06, 2012

Cyber Monday Safety Tips

Last year, online shoppers spent more than $1 billion on Cyber Monday, the first Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday, according to comScore, a company that measures digital media. It was the single biggest day in online sales history, and represented a 16 percent increase over the previous year, the company said. Online shopping is popular […]

📅 NOV 22, 2011

Five Financial Things to be Thankful For

Turkey day is around the corner. Are you ready for the feast? If your family is like mine, you may talk about all the things in your life that youre thankful for while you share your Thanksgiving meal. It can be easy to get swept away by all the negative financial news thats still swirling […]

📅 NOV 17, 2011

Helpful Facts for Gift Card Givers

Who came up with the idea of the gift card? The credit for the concept that has revolutionized holiday giving is often laid at the door of Blockbuster video. Given Americans affection for plastic in the form of credit cards is it any wonder weve embraced replacing paper gift certificates with plastic gift cards? Some […]

📅 NOV 01, 2011

Credit Hints for Womens Equality Day

Did you miss Women’s Equality Day? Don’t feel bad; instead, look forward and consider the ways you can help yourself, or the women in your life, find equal footing in their credit lives before the big day rolls around next year. The basics of good credit aren’t affected by ones sex. But there are some […]

📅 SEP 08, 2011

Student Loan Trends and Your Credit

Used to be, student loans were a safe, relatively low-pressure introduction to the world of credit and loans for many people. Today, economic problems and the credit crunch have influenced student loan trends. Its practically impossible to miss whats been going on in the economy for the past few years. Many of the factors affecting […]

📅 AUG 31, 2011

What to Give Mom for Mother’s Day: Help with her Credit

Mother’s Day is coming. Will this be yet another year when you give her the same old, same old? Some flowers, a box of chocolates and call it a day? Why not give her something she can really use this year? Help her get her hands on her free credit score. While the number of […]

📅 MAY 06, 2011

Earth Day Changes That Pay Off For You And The Planet

Earth Day is April 22. What will you do this year to celebrate Mother Earth, and to help keep her healthy and beautiful? Will you mark the day by turning off the tap water when you brush your teeth and tossing your empty water bottle in the recycling bin instead of the trash? Or are […]

📅 APR 22, 2011

It’s Never Too Early: Get Organized For Next Year’s Taxes Now

With tax season winding down this year, you would probably prefer to not think about next year’s taxes. But if you start your preparations now while it’s fresh in your mind, your tax-time headaches will be minor next year. Whether you prepare your taxes on your own or enlist the help of a pro, you […]

📅 APR 20, 2011