Identity Theft

Talk to Teens About Identity Theft

Monitoring your children’s activities is easier when they’re young; you walk them to the park, watch them play and drop them off at the bus stop each morning. But when your son or daughter becomes a teenager, it’s much harder to protect them from external dangers, like identity theft. The good news is there are […]

📅 APR 07, 2015

Ways to Detect Identity Theft

Most employers run background checks on applicants to determine if they have any criminal information in their past that may disqualify them from a job, but consumers may benefit from doing the same – on themselves. Background checks are becoming more popular not just among employers, but also among parents hiring new babysitters and even […]

📅 APR 06, 2015

Identity Theft: How to Report Fraud

The first move you should make is contacting your local or state police. Following this phone call, you can contact your postal inspector, the FBI, your credit card company, your bank, and any other agency you feel appropriate depending on the type of identity theft. (Not sure who else to call? See the list below.) […]

📅 MAR 31, 2015

File Sharing Increases Identity Theft Risk

Most adults understand the risks involved in identity theft and pass this knowledge on to their teenage children. Don’t open email attachments from unrecognized senders. Tear up or shred bank and credit card statements before discarding them. Some may have even educated them on the importance of obtaining their credit report on a yearly basis. […]

📅 MAR 31, 2015

Few Businesses Prioritize ID Theft Prevention

A new investigation shows that, despite national warnings and privacy laws centered around identity theft, many businesses are not taking proper measures to protect employee and customer identities, ABC affiliate WFTS reports. The report shows that an alarming number of businesses do not properly dispose of sensitive information before throwing it in the dumpster. High-profile […]

📅 MAR 30, 2015

Databases of Personal Info Leads to Identity Theft

It’s no secret that identity theft in the U.S. is increasing. It seems that new methods for stealing personal data improve as quickly as law enforcement can detect and stop it. This leaves many Americans wondering how identity thieves are still able to obtain their information if they are taking all of the necessary steps […]

📅 MAR 24, 2015

Consumer Warning: Telephone Scams

While most criminals are utilizing technology to steal consumer information, such as bank account numbers and passwords, others are sticking to old-fashioned ways of committing theft. Calling consumers to solicit information has always been a popular tool among criminals and the Federal Bureau of Investigation has recently warned Americans that an old telephone scam has […]

📅 MAR 10, 2015

Identity Theft Protection: Avoiding Fraud

Why should you care about identity theft? Because it could show up at your door at any moment. And ID theft doesnt knock. Identity theft is when a criminal steals your name, contact information and other personal information to commit fraud or other crimes normally resulting in their own financial gain. ID theft has become […]

📅 MAR 02, 2015

Tech Enthusiasts Targeted By Identity Thieves

A recent report by the Washington Post pointed to Apple’s iPad as a popular target for these cybercrooks, who may offer fraudulent discounts on the $499 device to those who enter an address or credit card number. Using this stolen information, identity thieves may be able to purchase electronics and shop them overseas for resale. […]

📅 FEB 27, 2015

Signs of Identity Theft

Signs of Identity Theft If youre proactive and take advantage of a low-cost credit monitoring service, you can save yourself a lot of aggravation in the long run. Receiving instant notifications alerting you to any possible signs of identity theft can prove very beneficial to your financial standing. However, maybe you’ve already been victimized. Signs […]

📅 FEB 26, 2015