Starting a Business? Financial Truths You Should Know

Entrepreneurs hear a lot of advice when getting ready to launch a business some of it is even helpful! From tips on creating a business plan (check out SBA.gov for guidance) to ideas for marketing products and services, its easy to become immersed in the start-up process. But before you start thinking about your new […]

📅 NOV 20, 2013

Employer Credit Check Laws: The Latest News

We have talked before about how more employers than ever are checking job applicants credit as part of the hiring process. And we’ve also discussed the importance of maintaining good credit while you’re looking for work. Employer credit checks are becoming more common, but not everyone is in agreement on whether or not they’re fair […]

📅 SEP 23, 2011

How Changing Jobs can Affect your Credit

Starting a new job can be both stressful and exciting. You’ll probably rely on a combination of education, experience, skill and dedication to succeed in your new role. The last thing you want to do is dilute your focus by worrying about your credit score, right? You don’t have to worry that changing jobs will […]

📅 AUG 15, 2011

Six Winning Strategies to Survive Unemployment

Don’t let losing your job run you into bankruptcy or make you blow through your savings. Develop a strategy to help you survive the loss of income. Bear in mind that finding a new job may take quite a while, so developing sensible habits can help maintain your finances until things turn around. We’ve provided […]

📅 JAN 12, 2011