Use Credit Report to Gauge Debt Management

If you worry about how youre going to pay down large sums of debt, youre not alone. Millions of Americans are unsure how their debt impacts their overall finances, their credit report, and their future. Dont let it get to you. The key to overcoming debt is to drill down and put a debt management […]

📅 APR 03, 2015

Student Loan Payment Alternatives

It can be a struggle to paying down thousands of dollars worth of student loan debt, let alone straight out of college. With all things considered, including the slump in the job market and entry-level wages, you may be wondering how to make ends meet. One things for sure, you dont want to neglect your […]

📅 MAR 30, 2015

Facing Foreclosure? What Happens To Your Credit

Americans who have lost their homes to foreclosure may face new battles trying to find landlords willing to look past their tarnished credit reports. Credit history is a significant factor in determining a consumer’s eligibility for securing a loan, employment, insurance and services such as renting a property or purchasing a cell phone. Despite a […]

📅 MAR 26, 2015

Common Debt Collection Myths

Dealing with debt collection agencies can be an unsettling experience, largely because it is unfamiliar territory. People may feel ashamed or humiliated for their mistakes and misunderstand the way debt collection works. Debunking some common debt collection myths may help you make informed decisions while you get your credit score back on track. Myth #1: […]

📅 MAR 09, 2015

Collections Process: The Basics

If you’ve ever had the unfortunate experience of dealing with a collection agency, you know they certainly can be aggressive, if not downright intimidating. They may contact you by phone, mail and FAX, but by law (the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) cannot harass you by threatening violence, arrest or embarrassment. Collectors also cannot falsely […]

📅 MAR 06, 2015

Collections Agencies Inaccurately Reporting Debt

The debt collection business is booming in the U.S. as more Americans are finding it harder to meet their financial obligations. But some hasty debt collectors are targeting the wrong people. When a consumer defaults on a payment, whether it be their mortgage, student loan, credit card or medical bill, the unpaid balance may be […]

📅 MAR 05, 2015

FTC Takes On Fake Credit Repair Organizations

The Federal Trade Commission is highlighting a case that should serve as a reminder to consumers to take some promises from credit repair companies with a grain of salt. According to the FTC, a marketer who ran several credit repair companies would charge consumers up to $2,199 up front with the promise that he could […]

📅 MAR 05, 2015

FTC And Debt Collection Policies

Following the subprime mortgage and credit crisis, the rise in debt collection phone calls and litigation has greatly increased, leaving more Americans in a precarious financial situation. A recent report highlights the need to revise the debt collection system to provide additional protection and repayment options to the consumers. The report – released by the […]

📅 MAR 04, 2015

Bankruptcy And Your Credit Report

Bankruptcy can be a tricky process, especially if a consumer plans to continue payments on certain financial obligations. Therefore, understanding the full impact bankruptcy may have, including how it affects a consumer’s assets and credit report, may help them to avoid mistakes. One consumer wrote into the advice column with concerns regarding his auto […]

📅 MAR 03, 2015

Graduates: Bankruptcy And Student Loan Debt

As more recent graduates are finding their student loan repayment grace periods expiring and no job in sight, some are considering filing bankruptcy to discharge thousands in debt. However, many young adults may not be fully aware of the rules governing bankruptcy, student loans and the impact to their credit score. Although bankruptcy is never […]

📅 FEB 03, 2015