Credit Cards

What Is The CARD Act?

By changing the information available on their monthly bills, the new credit card law may also inspire customers to seek credit counseling before their debt gets out of control, according to a release by Accelerated Debt Consolidation, Inc. The Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009 currently requires that lenders include a toll-free […]

📅 APR 10, 2015

The Basics of Pre-Approved Credit Offers

Those pre-approved credit offers that consumers find in their mailboxes don’t materialize out of thin air. They target specific kinds of consumers who meet certain criteria during what is called the pre-screening process. In this process, a credit information organization such as Experian screens a list of consumers for their value as potential recipients of […]

📅 MAR 31, 2015

Consumers Uninterested in Credit Mailings

The Federal Reserve Board reported recently that revolving credit fell 18.6 percent year-on-year in November, the steepest decline ever observed by the bank. And a report from card comparison website says that per-capita revolving credit has been declining for more than a year. The average American adult is carrying $3,752 of revolving credit, […]

📅 MAR 11, 2015

Mixed Feelings About The Card Act

The Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act was enacted by Congress to protect consumers from unfair lending practices, but some say the measure is falling short on the promises it made, according to Smart Money. The most recent complaint voiced by consumer advocates relates to a rule that dictates how issuers must allocate payments […]

📅 FEB 18, 2015

When Will My Late Payment Disappear From My Credit Report?

Keeping up with credit card payments can sometimes feel impossible. As just one of many  bills to pay, it can be easy to miss getting your payment in exactly on time each month. While your creditor may charge you a late fee as well as some interest, that kind of small misstep doesnt usually appear […]

📅 AUG 15, 2014

Can Making Credit Card Charges Impact my Credit Score

Your credit score is used to evaluate you as a prospective borrower. One of the most important factors is how good you are at making your payments on time, every time. However, it isn’t the only factor. Another important consideration for your credit score is how much of your existing credit that you use. Generally, […]

📅 JUN 13, 2014

Settlement vs. Charge-Off

When it comes to credit card debt, one of the last things you want is a settlement or charge-off on your record, as it will show as a negative item on your credit report. Either one means that you’ve been seriously delinquent in paying your debts. While you can take some steps to minimize the […]

📅 MAR 06, 2014

Credit Cards and Your Credit Score: How They Relate

For many people, having a credit card is their first experience using credit of any kind. Credit cards are the workhorses of the credit world, helping consumers finance everything from gas to flatscreen TVs. You may be aware of how useful credit cards are, but how well do you understand the relationship between credit card […]

📅 FEB 05, 2014

Can You Pay Credit Cards At Times Other Than the Due Date?

Just because your credit cards have a set due date doesn’t mean you have to pay them on that date. Generally, the due date is the last day on which you can pay your card before your payment is considered late. If you choose to pay earlier, this could offset the interest calculated within a […]

📅 JAN 07, 2014

What Is The CVV on a Credit Card?

The CVV on your credit card is its card verification value.  The CVV or CVV2 code is one of the many security systems built into modern credit cards. It’s typically used when you aren’t making a purchase with a physical credit card, for example, to protect your personal information when shopping online. If you’re […]

📅 JAN 02, 2014