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Landlords may or may not be reporting your positive payment history to credit bureaus, which may make a difference to your credit.

JUN 10, 2015

by w4l3XzY3

by w4l3XzY3

APR 28, 2015

Managing Credit Disputes

Sometimes when you review your credit report, there are errors that can lead to credit disputes. Mostly due to clerical errors, the presence of misinformation on your credit report can be greatly detrimental to your financial credibility. In order for you to maintain a “good” credit score, credit report errors should always be corrected as […]

APR 14, 2015

Auto Loan to Boost Credit?

Obtaining and remaining current on loans are both major aspects of establishing a strong credit history. An auto loan may be appealing for college graduates soon entering the workforce, according to a recent release by Americans Well-informed on Auto Retailing Economics. There are several factors to consider when selecting an appropriate set of wheels. It’s […]

APR 13, 2015

What Would Cosigning Mean for You?

What would you do if a friend or family member asked you to cosign a loan? Before you answer, make sure you understand what your obligations are. When you agree to cosign for someone else’s debt, you are essentially guaranteeing payment if that person defaults. You are being asked to take a risk that a […]

APR 13, 2015

What Is The CARD Act?

By changing the information available on their monthly bills, the new credit card law may also inspire customers to seek credit counseling before their debt gets out of control, according to a release by Accelerated Debt Consolidation, Inc. The Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009 currently requires that lenders include a toll-free […]

APR 10, 2015

Talk to Teens About Identity Theft

Monitoring your children’s activities is easier when they’re young; you walk them to the park, watch them play and drop them off at the bus stop each morning. But when your son or daughter becomes a teenager, it’s much harder to protect them from external dangers, like identity theft. The good news is there are […]

APR 07, 2015

Ways to Possibly Improve Your Credit Score

The world has, in the past few years, become focused on credit scores. But the problem for many consumers is that, while they may know what a good or bad score is, they may not be aware of just what actually makes up that score and what affects it the most. And that can cause […]

APR 07, 2015

Ways to Detect Identity Theft

Most employers run background checks on applicants to determine if they have any criminal information in their past that may disqualify them from a job, but consumers may benefit from doing the same – on themselves. Background checks are becoming more popular not just among employers, but also among parents hiring new babysitters and even […]

APR 06, 2015

Use Credit Report to Gauge Debt Management

If you worry about how youre going to pay down large sums of debt, youre not alone. Millions of Americans are unsure how their debt impacts their overall finances, their credit report, and their future. Dont let it get to you. The key to overcoming debt is to drill down and put a debt management […]

APR 03, 2015