Auto Loan to Boost Credit?

Obtaining and remaining current on loans are both major aspects of establishing a strong credit history. An auto loan may be appealing for college graduates soon entering the workforce, according to a recent release by Americans Well-informed on Auto Retailing Economics. There are several factors to consider when selecting an appropriate set of wheels. It’s […]

APR 13, 2015

Talk to Teens About Identity Theft

Monitoring your children’s activities is easier when they’re young; you walk them to the park, watch them play and drop them off at the bus stop each morning. But when your son or daughter becomes a teenager, it’s much harder to protect them from external dangers, like identity theft. The good news is there are […]

APR 07, 2015

Identity Theft: How to Report Fraud

The first move you should make is contacting your local or state police. Following this phone call, you can contact your postal inspector, the FBI, your credit card company, your bank, and any other agency you feel appropriate depending on the type of identity theft. (Not sure who else to call? See the list below.) […]

APR 02, 2015

FDIC Warning: Be Wary of Convenience Checks

A government financial agency is warning consumers to exercise caution when it comes to the “convenience checks” that often show up from credit card companies. A recent consumer news item from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation notes that these checks should be treated like a cash advance, complete with potentially high interest rates and other […]

MAR 30, 2015

FACT Act: The Basics

If you’re looking for information about your credit score, you’ve probably heard of something called “the FACT Act.” The FACT Act, which stands for Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, was signed into law in 2003. It is a revision of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Basically, the FACT Act allows consumers to get one […]

MAR 27, 2015

Facing Foreclosure? What Happens To Your Credit

Americans who have lost their homes to foreclosure may face new battles trying to find landlords willing to look past their tarnished credit reports. Credit history is a significant factor in determining a consumer’s eligibility for securing a loan, employment, insurance and services such as renting a property or purchasing a cell phone. Despite a […]

MAR 26, 2015

Do You Qualify For A Parent PLUS Loan?

The price tag of a college education has increased year after year, and if you’re like most parents you may be anxious about how to foot the bill. As you may know, Parent PLUS loans are a popular way many folks finance their kids’ tuition. PLUS loans generally carry a lower interest rate than personal […]

MAR 25, 2015

Different Types of Credit

During the course of your life, as you turn to the credit system for financial support, you will have a variety of credit options to choose from. Should you choose to utilize credit to fund any of your life’s endeavors, lenders will first determine whether or not you are eligible by checking your credit score. […]

MAR 25, 2015

Databases of Personal Info Leads to Identity Theft

It’s no secret that identity theft in the U.S. is increasing. It seems that new methods for stealing personal data improve as quickly as law enforcement can detect and stop it. This leaves many Americans wondering how identity thieves are still able to obtain their information if they are taking all of the necessary steps […]

MAR 24, 2015

Data Breach Laws in Senate

The U.S. Senate is now holding hearings and calling witnesses as it weighs whether or not to pass the Data Security and Breach Notification Act of 2010, a report from AXcess News said. The bill would require companies to give consumers, whose records were compromised in data breaches, either two years of credit reports or […]

MAR 23, 2015