Signs of Identity Theft

If you’re proactive and take advantage of a low-cost credit monitoring service, you can save yourself a lot of aggravation in the long run. Receiving instant notifications alerting you to any possible signs of identity theft can prove very beneficial to your financial standing. However, maybe you’ve already been victimized.

Signs that may indicate you’ve already become prey to an identity thief:

Bills and statements are arriving late or not arriving at all to your residence.

Know when they normally arrive, so you can monitor this yourself. If your bills and statements don't arrive when they are supposed to, it’s possible that someone has changed your address – or stolen your mail directly from your mailbox.

Collection agencies or creditors are contacting you regarding accounts you don’t have or show charges for which you’re not responsible.

Someone may have opened a new account in your name, or added charges to an account without your knowledge or permission.

Financial account statements show withdrawals or transfers you didn't make.

A creditor calls to say you've been approved or denied credit for which you never applied – or you receive credit card statements for unfamiliar accounts.

You are turned down when you apply for credit for which you should be financially qualified.

This could mean you’re denied a credit card, loan, mortgage, or other form of credit due to unauthorized debts on your credit report.

You receive bills from companies you don’t recognize.

If you’ve experienced any of these identity theft warning signs, please visit our getting help page.