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Victims Unaware How or When Identity Theft Occurred

Sometimes it can be baffling trying to determine the source of identity theft, while other times, it's easy to trace the crime back to a certain event. For instance, a stolen wallet or a hospital data breach are clear incidents which can potentially result in identity theft.

Tennessee resident Julie, whose last name has not been disclosed, told NewsChannel 5 about the strange realization that she was a victim of identity theft. She discovered the crime when she submitted an application for unemployment benefits. During the application process, she found that another woman had gained employment using her name and Social Security number.

Identity theft is a crime that comes in many forms. Although it is not highly publicized, it is fairly common for one's identity to be stolen for the purpose of employment. It's easy to circumvent these crimes by monitoring your credit. A quick check of your credit report is a simple way to know where your personal information, or identity, has been used, and whether the thief used it to obtain a job, a cell phone plan, or access to your checking account.

Your credit report contains the entire history and current status of your financial a life. Along with detailing the debt in your name, you will find any and all reported personal information, such as name, address and employer. Commonly there will be variations listed. Dispute all inaccuracies, even harmless spelling mistakes. If there is a glaring mistake that you feel could indicate identity theft, call your creditors and investigate.

Many people who suffer from events such as this find comfort in the added layer of protection that credit monitoring provides. A low cost monitoring service will send email alerts so people are constantly aware of the information contained in their credit report.