July 2010

Security Consultant Teaches 100 Million Facebook Users a Lesson

Despite the recent Facebook data breach that exposed the vulnerabilities of social networking sites, millions of Americans continue to leave pertinent information of full view of the online community.

Business owner used customers' data to falsify loan documents

Many consumers across the country are rightly concerned about identity theft, and take a number of precautions to shield themselves from the crime in their everyday lives.

Identity theft ring broken up in Tampa

A ring of identity thieves in the Tampa Bay area whose successful modus operandi quickly spread across the country has finally been broken up.

Police warn that identity theft is on the rise in Chicago's suburbs

A recent spike in claims of identity theft in the suburbs of Chicago has prompted local police to warn residents about the dangers they face from these fraudsters.

Medical identity theft a growing problem

Most consumers are aware of what to do if a thief steals their credit cards or somehow gets their bank account information. But some may not be aware that they can get just as many financial headaches if a fraudster gets ahold of their medical inform

Lynyrd Skynyrd fan busted for identity theft

A woman who illegally made thousands of dollars worth of purchases with someone else's information was arrested when she tried to go to a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert.

Law office leaves client information in dumpster

Many consumers across the country visit lawyers and disclose all sorts of sensitive information, but one law office in Texas was recently found to be especially careless with that data.

Identity theft scam targets consumers with diabetes

Thieves that try to steal other people's identities have showed their opportunism before by targeting those affected by major natural disasters. Now they're moving on to attacking consumers with diabetes.

Seniors get identity theft warning from Texas district attorney

Seniors citizens across the country are being targeted by identity thieves hoping to profit from all the hard work they've done to build their credit history over a number of decades.

Some Schools Unnecessarily Collect Social Security Numbers

Too many schools are gathering the Social Security information of their students, even though the data is not required by law, a new report reveals.

Former Arizona Federal Credit Union employee arrested for identity theft

When consumers go to their local bank or credit union, they don't expect that their information could be used in identity theft, but unfortunately that's the case for one such institution in Arizona.

Utica College One Of Few To Offer Economic Crime Degrees

Speaking at the 21st annual ACFE Fraud Conference and Exhibition will be Utica College, informing members about its new curriculum aimed at fighting white collar crime.

BBB warns against new scam on Facebook

Millions of young people use Facebook every day to chat with friends and play games, but hackers are also using it to scam them out of their personal information.

Data security breach from hospital could lead to identity theft for hundreds of thousands

Any consumer that had dealings with South Shore Hospital in Weymouth, Massachusetts, in the last 14 years should be aware that they are at risk for identity theft.

Maryland state employee posts identity information for 3,000 online

Clients of the Maryland Department of Human Resources are now at greater risk for identity theft.

Alarm Expressed Over Increase of Child Identity Theft

Being an adult has its advantages when falling victim to identity theft. Adults can detect and prevent the crime by taking certain security precautions and monitoring their information. Resolving the issue is also more expedient because they have the

Visa's latest security measures hailed as industry's best

Credit card companies are now placing a greater emphasis on privacy, and protecting the account information of both their customers and other businesses. And with this in mind, Visa has rolled out a new kind of protection that is already winning accl

Tax preparer charged with fraud, identity theft

A San Diego tax preparer is facing charges that he used the personal identity information of both current and former clients to commit fraud.

Despite Laws, Large Number of Data Breaches Continue To Go Unreported

The vulnerability of personal, business and government databases remains a cause of concern for lawmakers who are seeing an increased number of data breaches. The risk increases both as more sensitive information is transferred or stored online and m

Teacher's retirement board waited almost 8 months to notify members of identity theft breach

A lengthy delay between when the Connecticut State Teachers' Retirement Board realized it had a security breach and when it told nearly 60,000 members about it has caused the state's attorney general to take action.

Security breach at Oklahoma University could lead to identity theft

A virus recently infected a laptop owned by Oklahoma University that stored files with student names and Social Security numbers, and the school waited two weeks after its discovery to inform the affected people of the security breach.

Scam artists' favorite ways to rip off consumers

Fraudsters have a number of ways to steal the money or personal information of consumers at their disposal, and consumers are often aware of these methods.

New Identity Theft Prevention Software Given To Students At No Cost

The rising number of identity theft cases has led many identity theft service providers to launch educational campaigns or provide software at no cost to businesses, individuals and institutions. Under its Student Initiative Program, identity theft s

Hotel, bank workers participated in airline ticket fraud ring

Many consumers hand their credit cards over to employees at stores and hotels without thinking twice, but a recent story out of Kansas City could give them pause the next time they do so.

Skimming devices plaguing Gainesville area

When a skimming device - a small piece of electronics that reads and stores information from credit cards' magnetic strips - was discovered at a gas pump at a station in Gainesville, Florida, earlier this week, authorities warned that consumers shoul

University of Hawaii breach puts thousands at risk for ID theft

Many college students may not consider that their identity could be compromised, especially through their school.

Fake Health Plans On the Rise in Some Areas

Despite warnings from law enforcement officials and the Federal Trade Commission, the number of Americans falling victim to fake health plans continues to rise, according to a report from the Insurance Journal. Confusion and a lengthy timeline surrou

Insurance company alerts thousands to potential identity theft

Thousands of homeowners in Florida may want to find out whether the applications or checks they mailed to Citizens Property Insurance last month made it to the right place.

Seniors should be aware of identity theft risk

Any American, regardless of their age, can fall victim to identity theft if the proper precautions are not taken. However, some groups are more vulnerable to the crime than others, including senior citizens. Older Americans should understand their pe

Credit card hacking hits hotels hardest

When staying at hotels, consumers should be aware that they are at heightened risk for identity theft.

Concerned about identity theft? Get back to the basics when protecting your information

The rising incidence of identity theft has many Americans updating the security settings on their computer, obtaining a copy of their credit reports and watching their mail closely. All of these measures are important and necessary steps to prevent a

Insurance company faces data breach for second time

Data and security breaches are becoming more prevalent than consumers want to see, but one corporation has been put in the position of notifying its customers that a breach has been discovered - again. WellPoint, a leading insurance provider, has not

Hackers get University of Maine student identity information

College students may not consider that information related to their identity could be stolen from school computers, but that possibility became a reality for students at the University of Maine last week.

Parents Advised to Monitor Kids' Computers For Scams And Malware Associated With Teen Websites

As children are released from school for the summer, traffic on popular teen music, celebrity and movie websites increases. Internet security service provider CyberDefender has issued an advisory to parents to keep a close eye on the websites their c

Identity theft arrest brings more victims, charges to light

Identity theft can happen at any time, and threats don't just come from hackers on the internet and scam artists on the phone. Sometimes, identity theft can happen when consumers are getting dinner.