May 2010

How Safe are Electronic Medical Records?

The growing rate of medical identity theft has many questioning the decision to transfer patient records and personal information to a national electronic database system. Medical identity theft is the fastest-growing type of identity theft, signific

Doctors sue FTC over red flag regulations

The new red flag compliance rules set to go into effect for a number of businesses on June 1, 2010 have many upset by the increased regulations. The rules are aimed at providing additional identity theft protection to consumers by requiring businesse

Social networks may provide companies with user information

The recent Facebook debacle that involved a hacker obtaining and selling the log-in information of thousands of users has placed social network security standards in the spotlight. As more Americans become cognizant of identity theft risks, more webs

New warnings for seniors in identity theft cases

A new study found that while consumers over the age of 65 are the least vulnerable demographic for identity fraud, it may also be under-reported.

'Paper-less' Department of Labor forms may pose identity theft risk

Pension Department president and administrator Brett Goldstein says Americans can expect to see more cases of identity theft as the Department of Labor goes paperless and relies more on online transmission of tax information.

Identity thieves turn to text messages

Methods for stealing an individual's identity are growing increasingly sophisticated. This is especially true as technology advances encourage the banking, business and healthcare industries to store and transfer larger amounts of personal informatio

New Software Bundle Helps Limit Online Identity Theft

Identity theft is becoming an increasing problem for internet users, and many companies are releasing software to help combat the problem.

Smart Card Alliance will host webinar to highlight growing issue of medical identity theft

The Smart Card Alliance Healthcare Council has announced it will host a webinar in June regarding the dangers of medical identity theft. The online seminar will be held on Tuesday, June 8 from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. Eastern Time. Attendance of the Medical

Businesses Should Take Precautions To Remove Identifying Information From Office Equipment

With more than 11 million Americans falling victim to identity theft each year, individuals can't be too careful about guarding their personal information. While at home, most Americans know to shred their bank statements, ensure their computers are

Educational series teaches law enforcement officials about identity theft

Educating law enforcement officials about the risks and indicators of identity theft may help them take action against such crimes.

More industries set to follow 'Red Flag' rules by June 1

As identity theft affects more Americans each year, businesses are taking notice and taking action. The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003 required most businesses to develop a set of standards, or "red flags," to identify po

Facebook tightens log-in security after Kirllos hacker caught

Facebook users can expect to see updated security measures after the leading social website discovered that the log-in information of thousands of members had been stolen and sold, reports Ars Technica, a leading technology website.

Nevada does away with Real-ID driver's licences

Many opponents of the Real-ID program are celebrating a small victory as Nevada, one of the first states to adopt the measure, halts their use of the licenses, AOL News reports. The Real-ID Act faces strident opposition from groups who claim that the

Storm Victims May Be Vulnerable To Identity Theft

Victims of the recent storms in areas such as Mississippi may face a higher risk of identity theft

Refrain From Posting Personal Information On Facebook

Basic information, such as your address or place of employment, could be used for identity theft purposes