April 2010

FTC Considers Changes To Children's Online Privacy Rules

tricter online privacy laws may extend further protection to children, FTC says

Few Businesses Prioritize ID Theft Prevention

Unsafe disposal of sensitive data raises identity theft risks for consumers and employees

ID Security Event Draws Crowd Of 25,000

Consumers and businesses all over the nation recently responded the one organization's efforts to protect them from identity theft.

Credit Union Launches Anti-Fraud Alert Service

Members of one Florida-based credit union service organization will soon wield technology necessary to help them protect against identity theft.

Nearly 1.2 million tax returns may have been filed by identity thieves

A new report shows that nearly 1.2 million tax returns filed in 2007 may have been filed by criminals using someone else's Social Security number, according to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.

Lawmakers want stricter privacy policies for Facebook

Facebook was advised by senators on Tuesday to increase the privacy protections on their leading social networking website, according to Reuters. Democratic senators Charles Schumer, Michael Bennet, Mark Begich and Al Franken wrote an open letter to

Don't fall victim to identity theft during spring cleaning

The onset of spring encourages most consumers to devote a day or two to "spring cleaning," in order to remove clutter and prepare for summer. Consumers should be careful when disposing of paperwork, account information and, most importantly

Scammers use healthcare reform to defraud the public

Americans are being warned against giving out personal information or money to scam artists who claim to be representatives of Obamacare. Scammers are feeding off the public's confusion surrounding the new healthcare laws and going door-to-door to se

Utah faces pressure from Arizona to uphold new identity theft measures

Arizona is demanding that Utah uphold its recently enacted law that will mandate employers to use the E-Verify system as a means of ensuring its workers are legal. The child identity theft protection law will go into effect on July 1, 2010 and is aim

New Jersey proposes new debit card bill to protect consumers from identity theft

The State Senate Commerce Committee of New Jersey has proposed a new bill that will force businesses to help prevent consumers' debit card information from landing in the wrong hands.

Non-compliance With Regulations Raises Data Breach Risk

Report reveals more hospitals have failed to comply with new security measures, increasing patients' identity theft risk.

New Program Introduced To Fight Identity Theft

Improvements to identity theft program affords consumers more protections.

Iowa Creates New Procedure To Combat Identity Theft

Iowa has implemented a new state policy for issuing driver's licenses aimed at preventing fraud and identity theft.

House Passes Bill Prohibiting Caller ID Spoofing

The House of Representatives passed new legislation intended to better protect Americans against identity theft and fraud.

BBB Offers Advice On Protecting Personal Information

Safeguarding personal information will help Americans lower their identity theft risk

Consumers Experience New Credit Card Inconveniences

Increase in anti-fraud protection offers leaves consumers feeling harassed.

Merchant Warehouse Increases Credit Card Security

New retailer payment technology to boost security and reduce identity theft risk

BlueCross BlueShield Data Breach Affects One Million

Nearly one million data breach victims to receive free credit monitoring services.

L-1 Identity Solutions acquisition is next step in civilian identity protection

L-1 Identity Solutions, a provider of identity protection services, has acquired the assets of Retica Systems, Inc; a move that strongly enhances L-1's Civilian Identity Management Program. L-1's biometric programs are cost-efficient, identification

Bi-annual report shows security gaps in healthcare industry

A recent report is shedding light on the inadequate protection of patient information in the healthcare industry. As the healthcare industry continues to transfer all patient medical information to an electronic database, this report demonstrates the