March 2010

Vermont Senate Strikes Down Credit Card Proposal

Lawmakers in Vermont may soon reverse some of the progress it made in credit card legislation this year.

Dangerous Malware Targets Banks, Customers

Anyone can fall victim to identity theft - even financial institutions.

Restaurant Patrons' Credit Cards Compromised

Strong record-keeping skills help consumers keep track of purchases - and keep an eye out for those they did not make.

Skimming Devices Target Payment Card Processors

High levels of internet usage paired with poor credit monitoring habits often put young individuals at risk of identity theft.

Identity theft targets homebuyers

Homebuyers often face a litany of concerns, ranging from furniture to fixed-rates. Identity theft may not be among them.

Chicago identity theft ring used patient data

The breakup of an identity theft ring in the Chicago area serves as a reminder of why it's important for people to check their credit card information for signs of suspicious activity that could ruin their credit score.

Institutions Remain Prone To Data Breaches

Businesses tighten security standards to protect consumer information from data breaches.

Internet Use Raises Identity Theft Risk

Online social media have made it easier for consumers to expose their lives to a myriad of eyes.

Identity Thieves Often Involved In Other Crimes

Protect yourself - and others - from identity theft by reporting the crime immediately.

Many Factors Cause Credit Score Damage

Protect credit score through identity theft prevention

Most Americans Concerned About Identity Theft, Survey Shows

Identity theft awareness grows as more Americans fall victim to the crime.

Company Owners Advised On Data Protection

More businesses are taking steps to protect the personal information of its employees and customers.

Medical identity theft causes considerable financial damage

A recent study is providing some additional insight into why Americans should take every step possible to protect themselves from medical identity theft.

More Detailed Credit Card Statements Make It Harder To Spot Fraud

The vast amount of new information included on credit card statements may cause consumers to overlook suspicious charges.

New Software May Lower Medical Identity Theft Risk

Examine your medical records and insurance claims on a regular basis to detect medical identity theft

Identity Thieves Find Success With Old-Fashioned Methods

Home burglaries and purse snatching are still popular methods used by identity thieves

Prevent Identity Theft While Filing Taxes

Monitor your mail during tax season to make sure you receive all your tax documents