February 2010

Report: Identity thieves can affect young people more

Young people need to be particularly aware of the dangers of identity theft, warns a recent study from Javelin Research.

Fewer than three-quarters of ID theft victims contacted police, FTC says

Just 72 percent of identity-theft victims contacted a police department after discovering that their information had been stolen, the Federal Trade Commission revealed this week.

FTC Notes Identity Theft Still Top Complaint

A recent report from the Federal Trade Commission noted that identity theft continued to be the top consumer complaint of 2009.

BBB Warns Consumers of New Scams

In trying to improve their credit score, many consumers may end up being victims of things that can actually hurt their credit standing.

P2P Networks Can Raise Identity Theft Risk

Consumers should be cautious about sharing movies and music on peer-to-peer networks

Iowa Uses New Identification Methods to Prevent Identity Theft

Iowa has implemented a new state policy for issuing driver's licenses aimed at preventing fraud and identity theft.

Man Given 309 Years For Identity Theft Schemes

A man was given 309 years in prison for being part of an identity theft scheme, crimes that can affect a person's credit score.

Malware Scheme Compromises Thousands of Computers

Update your security and anti-virus software to protect yourself from malware.

Report: Consumers Satisfied With Fraud Resolutions

Data breach victims happy overall with banking institutions' notification procedures and services.

Sears Employees Retrained On Credit Card Transactions

Following an investigation conducted by a Houston television station, one major retailer will retrain employees on credit card procedures.

'Skimming' Targets Debit, Credit Cards At Gas Stations

Examine credit and debit card machines at gas stations for suspicious devices or evidence of tampering..

Man Gets 13 Years For Stealing Card Numbers

A California man was recently sentenced to 13 years for credit card fraud, a type of identity theft that many consumers may encounter.

Be Wary Of New Email Scams That Imitate Government Agencies

Avoid opening emails from unrecognized senders to prevent phishing scams

Shred Documents To Fight Identity Theft

Disposing sensitive documents properly will help you lower your identity theft risk.

Facebook Security Faces Scrutiny

Social networking giant Facebook may face legal action over alleged privacy violations.

ID Thieves Can Purchase ATMs To Defraud Consumers

With identity theft crimes becoming a more regular occurrence, consumers have become vigilant in detecting a potential identity theft trap.

Identity Theft Is Up, But Resolution Time Is Down

Though the number of identity theft victims may have seen an increase, at least it was a bit easier for them to resolve the problem.

Items Left In Car Can Tempt Identity Thieves

Avoid leaving personal information in your car to lower your identity theft risk.

Medical Identity Theft A Dangerous Nationwide Problem

Medical identity theft continues to rise as hospitals transfer patient records to an electronic database.

Cutting Credit Cards Doesn't Reduce Identity Theft Risk

People may be more inclined to stop using credit cards and pay off debt, but that doesn't mean they're at any less risk for identity theft.

Old Copiers, ATM Machines Present Identity Theft Risks

Copiers, scanners and ATM machines may save sensitive information to their hard drives.

Austin Man Convicted Of Credit Card Thefts Nationwide

An Austin, Texas, man has been convicted for his role in a nationwide identity theft scheme.