October 2010

Victims Unaware How or When Identity Theft Occurred

Identity theft victims unable to determine how theft occurred may find comfort and protection in credit monitoring.

National Protect Your Identity Week is Now Underway

This week the Better Business Bureau will observe the prevalence of identity theft, by hosting National Cybersecurity Awareness Month’s Protect Your Identity Week.

Identity Theft Hits a Grocery Store

A nationwide grocery chain was hit with potential identity theft cases in 11 states. The case highlights the need for you to manage your financial data.

September 2010

Guard Your Children's Social Security Number

More identity thieves target children, causing long-term credit score damage

Identity Theft Could Come from Your Resume

Identity thieves are using the resumes that jobseekers post online to garner valuable personal information.

Use Cyber Self-Defense When Online

Mishaps leading to identity theft are preventable. Learn more about protecting yourself online.

Identity Theft Warning Issued for the Unemployed

Unemployed Americans are now being targeted by scammers.

August 2010

Delaware State Retirees In Danger of Identity Theft

Retirees stand to lose their hard-earned money as a result of a data breach that released the personal information of thousands.

Courts Imposing Stricter Punishments For Identity Thieves

As the incidence of identity theft increases, judges take a harder line with criminals and impose harsher sentences.

More Than 510 Million Records Breached Since 2005

Many consumers may be aware that the threat of a data breach has grown considerably in the last few years, but a new report on the problem revealed some shocking numbers.

Connecticut Insurers Required to Improve Data Breach Notice

An increase in the number of data breaches has encouraged Connecticut regulators to impose a new notification timeline when a consumer's information is compromised.

"Social Engineering" Grows in Popularity Among Hackers

Many consumers may believe that they are only being targeted by hackers who want to commit identity theft when they're online, but that this may no longer be the case.

FEMA warning of scams after storms and flooding

While many in Iowa are still recovering from the series of severe storms and flooding that affected their state earlier this summer, scammers and identity thieves have moved into the area.

Children's Identity Theft May Be Signaled By Telemarketing

A recent trend across the country has seen children targeted by criminals for the purposes of identity theft, and many parents are on the lookout for ways to detect such a crime.

Report Shows Purse Thefts Most Common Cause of ID Theft

Although the most highly publicized cases of identity theft typically involve data breaches and elaborate schemes, stolen wallets remain the leading cause of the crime.

New Phone Scam Targets Residents of Texas City

Many people think of phishing scams as simply occurring over email or by traditional mail, but occasionally they can also happen over the phone. That has been the case recently for one Texas city.

Don't Fall Behind On Computer Security

Most consumers make sure they have the most up-to-date security and anti-virus software, but some may overlook certain dangers that can compromise their personal information.

New Malware Program Targets Military Members for Identity Theft

Many consumers may be aware that they could be targeted for identity theft, but the threat also exists for military personnel, who are the new focus of a malware program.

Identity Thieves Steal Personal Information From Vehicles

Police officers warn citizens to be on the lookout for a new identity theft tactic many criminals are employing to steal personal information: Car burglaries.

BBB: New Facebook Scam Growing in Popularity Among Fraudsters

Soon after Facebook introduced its new "Like" button several months ago, users were clamoring for an accompanying button that allowed them to "Dislike" something. While the social networking giant hasn't yet responded to those dem

CMSS Joins Lawsuit Against FTC 'Red Flags Rule'

The controversial Red Flags Rule that resulted in many medical organizations launching a lawsuit against the Federal Trade Commission will see a new adversary join the fight.

Computer Security Giant Warns of New Threat

Many consumers are aware of the potential threat to their personal information that can sometimes come in their email, but now there is yet another, more insidious one.

New Credit Card To Provide Identity Theft Protection Service

As identity theft protection becomes more popular, credit card issuers are joining the mix by launching products that afford consumers more control over their accounts.

Controversial New Law Has Some Parents Worried About Child Identity Theft

School is generally thought to be one of the safest places a child can be, but a recent law has many parents in Maine feeling apprehensive about how well their children are protected from identity theft.

More Americans concerned with online safety, report shows

High unemployment rates and debt are not the only issues that have Americans preoccupied, according to a new report that highlights growing concerns over online safety.

New Mobile Technology Could Help Prevent Identity Theft

A new technology has been introduced that hopes to link financial information to mobile phones, making it more difficult for identity thieves to use stolen payment information.

Billionaire Victimized By Identity Theft

A case involving nearly $1.4 million being stolen from billionaire Orange County, California, real estate mogul Donald Bren highlights that anyone can fall victim to identity theft.

Child Identity Theft Prevention Database Suggested

It may be difficult to imagine any person, especially a parent, stealing the identity of a child. But as this type of crime becomes more prevalent, advocates are fighting back.

Guarding Tax Documents Important In Identity Theft Prevention

Some Americans may avidly protect their bank account information from criminals, but there are other documents that could cause damage if they fall into the wrong hands, including tax paperwork.

Unemployed Americans Should Be Wary of Scams

In their moment of financial need, many scammers are targeting the unemployed and preying on their vulnerabilities to make money, according to a recent report.

Court rules activist can post Social Security numbers online

A recent court decision will allow one citizen to post public records containing the Social Security numbers of government officials on her website, raising questions about identity theft risks.