Is Mobile Banking Safe?

Today we have come to rely on mobile devices and personal finance tools are part of that. Here we discuss the risk and outline steps to limit your exposure to identity theft.

Coping With Identity Theft When You Know The Perpetrator

Help for victims of personal identity theft crimes. What happens when you realize that family or friend stole your identity and ruined your credit?

Protect Your Identity During A Vacation

Take extra precautions to avoid identity theft while vacationing.

Protect Your Children From Identity Theft

Know the warning signs of childhood identity theft to mitigate your son or daughter’s risk. KWDs:  identity theft, credit report

Talk to Teens About Identity Theft

Speak with your son or daughter about how to keep his or her identity theft risk low.

Senior Citizens Vulnerable to Identity Theft

Criminals and family members often target the elderly for identity theft due to their vulnerability.

Protect Yourself From Online Identity Theft

Lower your risk of becoming a victim by recognizing the most common identity theft strategies.

5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft at Home

Some of the most common ways that criminals perpetrate identity theft occur right at home. Follow these precautions to reduce your risk.

Common Types of Identity Theft

Learn tactics criminals use to commit identity theft to prevent it from happening to you

Victims Unaware How or When Identity Theft Occurred

Identity theft victims unable to determine how theft occurred may find comfort and protection in credit monitoring.

National Protect Your Identity Week is Now Underway

This week the Better Business Bureau will observe the prevalence of identity theft, by hosting National Cybersecurity Awareness Month’s Protect Your Identity Week.

Identity Theft Hits a Grocery Store

A nationwide grocery chain was hit with potential identity theft cases in 11 states. The case highlights the need for you to manage your financial data.

Guard Your Children's Social Security Number

More identity thieves target children, causing long-term credit score damage

Identity Theft Could Come from Your Resume

Identity thieves are using the resumes that jobseekers post online to garner valuable personal information.

Use Cyber Self-Defense When Online

Mishaps leading to identity theft are preventable. Learn more about protecting yourself online.

Identity Theft Warning Issued for the Unemployed

Unemployed Americans are now being targeted by scammers.

Delaware State Retirees In Danger of Identity Theft

Retirees stand to lose their hard-earned money as a result of a data breach that released the personal information of thousands.

Courts Imposing Stricter Punishments For Identity Thieves

As the incidence of identity theft increases, judges take a harder line with criminals and impose harsher sentences.

More Than 510 Million Records Breached Since 2005

Many consumers may be aware that the threat of a data breach has grown considerably in the last few years, but a new report on the problem revealed some shocking numbers.