June 2010

Report Shows Spending and Debt Biggest Mistakes Among College Students

Entering into a cycle of debt can threaten an individual's finances at any age, but incurring large balances at a young age are one of the biggest mistakes a college-aged adult can make, according to a recent report by First Command Financial Service

Financial Pundits Decry Fannie Mae's Threats

Last week's announcement that mortgage lender Fannie Mae would toughen the penalties it applies to homeowners who strategically default on their mortgages has provoked widespread debate among personal finance experts.

Americans More Financially-Savvy, But Less Likely to Take Action

The period following the recession left many Americans eager to educate themselves about their personal finances and boost their money management skills. While education usually results in improvement, a new report shows that this may not be the case

Government Plans To Unveil New Office of Financial Literacy

Following the subprime mortgage crisis and consequent economic recession, it is safe to say that more Americans are educating themselves on financial matters and catering to their credit scores. Despite the positive improvements, the number of consum

Consumers should make sure they benefit from a strong credit score

Most Americans with high credit scores know that they may be able to secure loans more easily and be rewarded with low interest rates. But some individuals are still unaware of just how much their credit score plays into other financial areas. Becaus

What consumers should expect from governmental financial reform

The average consumer surely has a number of questions about all this talk of financial reform.

Credit card deals tougher to find thanks to new laws

Many consumers with great credit scores have, in the past, been able to negotiate better rates on their credit cards simply by calling their lender and asking for them.

Consumers can negotiate with lenders for lower card rates

With credit card debt piling up for consumers across the country, it would be nice to not have to worry about high interest rates as well.

Remaining financially independent while at home

Staying at home with the kids means losing financial independence for many spouses.

Monitoring credit score more important than ever for consumers

As the American economy gradually pulls itself out of the recession, consumers are seeing their own financial health improving as well.

What consumers with great credit scores are doing right

Many consumers may know what makes up a credit score, but they may not have the knowhow to improve their score in actual practice.

How a federal tax lien hurts one's credit

Receiving a tax lien from the Internal Revenue Survey can be a scary experience - for consumers and their credit score.

Getting credit card balances down improves credit score

While it may make sense to many consumers that paying down their credit card balances will improve their credit score, it may surprise them to learn just how much it can help.

How consumers can improve their credit score

The world has, in the past few years, become focused on credit scores. But the problem for many consumers is that, while they may know what a good or bad score is, they may not be aware of just what actually makes up that score and what affects it th

Strategies for boosting your credit score

Consumers looking to purchase a new home will often benefit by getting their credit score in shape.

Avoiding daily mishaps can help get money in order

Making a major financial mishap can often set a person's borrowing abilities way back

How a young adult can get a credit card

It used to be easy for a young adult to get a credit card. Often, they simply had to fill out the forms credit card companies mailed them once they turned 18. But new legislation has made it more difficult for people under the age of 21 to get a card

Small payments can lower credit score

Paying off debt might seem to some consumers like an impossibly high mountain to climb.

Short sales can damage credit score

Those that are stuck in a house they can't afford are often looking for a way out.