April 2010

GDP Growth Slows In First Quarter

Increased confidence in the economy may be reflected in the latest figures released by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Consumer Confidence Rises in April

Americans are more likely to increase their spending, according to the recent survey results

New Legislation Provides Regulation Of Debt Settlement Industry

Consumers trying to escape credit card debt may want to pick their approach with care.

Poor Financial Literacy Leads To Higher Default Rates

Foreclosure may trim hundreds of points off a homeowner’s credit score and remain on their credit report for seven years.

Lawmakers May Bring 'Safety Net' Back to Student Loans

Recent proposals from government agencies may extend former bankruptcy protections to student loans

Consumers Reduce Credit Card Debt, Report Says

Making a dent in their credit card debt is one way consumers may be able to improve their credit scores.

FTC Warns Against Debt Settlement Agencies

Simply signing up for a debt-settlement program can trim points off a consumer's credit score. And that's often just the beginning of their problems.

Credit scores affected by home default

Defaulting on a mortgage loan can strongly damage one's credit score. So can modifying their monthly payments.

Recession moves credit score to back burner for getting car loans

In light of the economic crisis, auto dealers are looking beyond credit scores and toward job stability for lending criteria. Prior loan eligibility that would have relied solely on credit scores has been forced to expand due to the credit crisis.