March 2010

March Payroll Statistics May Indicate Cuts

Recent employment reports have indicated that the economy may be on a path to recovery.

Credit Law May Hurt Retailers And Consumers

Some components of new credit legislation may put lenders, consumers at a disadvantage.

Legislation Poses New Set Of Consumer Obstacles

What may have been good news for their credit accounts also triggered a series of new challenges for consumers.

Tax Credit Deadline Puts Pressure On Homebuyers

The pressure is on for consumers hoping to pair this spring's low mortgage rates with the federal homebuyer tax credit.

Financial Literacy Serves Young Ones Well

New credit card laws aim to protect consumers from unfair lending practices and shield young individuals from taking on loans they can’t afford.

Unconventional tactics can improve credit score

Thinking outside the box is often beneficial - even for those trying to improve their credit scores.

Report: Five ways to damage a credit score

Tightened lending standards have made it more important than ever for consumers to keep an eye on their credit score.

Housing sales drop, despite approaching tax credit deadline

Recent data from the National Association of Realtors may further indicate that a slow housing recovery is on the way.

Tax Return Can Help Rebuild Financial Footing

Use tax refunds to pay down debt and build savings.

Job creation rate seen as lackluster for this year

People who have been eager to find a new job so they can get their credit score and other personal financial details back in order may be disappointed by the slow pace of unemployment relief projected for the coming year.

FDIC warns consumers to be wary of convenience checks

A government financial agency is warning consumers to exercise caution when it comes to the "convenience checks" that often show up from credit card companies.

Tax time can increase risk of identity theft

People who want to protect their credit scores need to keep up with signs of identity theft and other criminal activity while also making their monthly payments and avoiding the temptation to charge too much on their credit cards.

Lawmakers Attack Hiring Practices

More employers use an applicant's credit score to determine his or her job eligibility.

Good credit score makes it easier to save money

One of the benefits of having a good credit score is that it's easier to save money because one typically can get better interest rates when paying for their cars or homes.

Americans may not be paying down debt as quickly as thought

For months, consumer advocates have been cheered by Federal Reserve statistics showing that people are steadily paying down billions of dollars on their combined revolving debt, which includes credit cards.

Unemployment Figure Remains Unchanged From January

High unemployment rates have been largely blamed for Americans' falling credit scores.

Consumer Credit Grows For Its First Time In A Year

Consumer confidence may be to blame for January's increase in consumer credit - its first growth in a year.

Federal Reserve Announces Action Against Late, Overdraft Fees

A new law aimed at protecting consumers from unfair credit card practices will require that lenders review rate and fee hikes made since January 2009.

FTC continues crackdown on unscrupulous bill collectors

A recently announced Federal Trade Commission settlement serves as a reminder to consumers that they should be aware of the information contained on their credit report, and that they do have certain protections under the law when it comes to dealing

Unemployment, Mortgage Burdens Force Americans Into Bankruptcy

A higher number of Americans turn to bankruptcy protection as a last resort

More Americans Fall Behind On Debt

Credit card debt remains an issue for struggling consumers, as more accounts fall into delinquency.

Low Credit Score Can Harm Career Prospects

Keep your credit report error-free to improve your chances of gaining employment.

Identity Thieves May Lurk in Search Engine Results

Update security software to ensure 'keyloggers' and viruses are removed from your computer.