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Monitor Credit Report To Reduce Identity Theft Risk

Credit card thefts can result in serious identity theft crimes

Credit card thefts are an unfortunate reality that all consumers must protect themselves against. However, in addition to keeping track of one's wallet, regularly checking one's credit information can help prevent a significant theft from occurring as well.

According to Fox 25 in Boston, 26-year-old Shane O'Donnell and 24-year-old Sarah Gordon are both suspects in a credit card theft that targeted customers at Sears, Best Buy, Walmart, and other retail stores in the Dartmouth and New Bedford areas.

Both suspects allegedly would break into vehicles and steal credit cards and check books before committing identity theft crimes with them.

Similarly, two women are currently wanted by Lower Allen Township, Pennsylvania police after surveillance footage showed them stealing credit cards from women's purses before using them to go shopping, reported.

The damage caused by the outright theft of a card that is immediately noticed by its holder can be limited through immediate cancellation of the card and freezing of the credit line. However, for thieves who can obtain information from a card and return it before the victim notices, the theft could go unnoticed long enough for permanent damage to be done to the victim's credit line if it is not monitored correctly.

In addition to keeping close track of monthly statements, regularly checking updated versions of your credit report can also reveal the first signs that a card may be compromised and in need of cancellation.