July 2010

Consumers Should Not Feel Powerless Against Identity Theft

All of the publicity surrounding the prevalence of identity theft may make some Americans feel vulnerable, but one study reminds consumers that taking action can help them protect themselves.

Talk To Lenders To Secure Credit After Bankruptcy

There are many ramifications of bankruptcy that consumers may not be aware of until after they file, but most Americans initially understand that securing credit will be more difficult.

Should Americans Be Required To Attend Bankruptcy Counseling?

Under the current law, individuals planning on declaring bankruptcy are required to attend credit counseling sessions prior to filing. But many are questioning whether this law is necessary.

Employers list top credit report blunders leading to rejection of applicant

Credit checks are nothing new during the hiring process, but some job seekers may not know just how heavily an employer weighs their credit information.

What Does Online Shopping Have To Do With Buying A Home? According To Lenders, A Lot

It might be difficult to see the correlation between ordering Chinese food for dinner and purchasing a new home, but lenders are keeping a close eye on food deliveries and online shopping, according to the Los Angeles Times. During the economic downt

FTC Urges Lawmakers To Revise Debt Collection Policies To Protect Consumers

Following the subprime mortgage and credit crisis, the rise in debt collection phone calls and litigation has greatly increased, leaving more Americans in a precarious financial situation. A recent report highlights the need to revise the debt collec

Lesser-Known Provision of Financial Reform Bill May Reduce Errors on Consumer Credit Reports

The information listed on an individual’s credit report can make or break them financially. Similar to a financial report card, the document will be used to determine whether a consumer can secure a loan, gain employment or a promotion, purchase

Soldiers Being Deployed Should Consider Placing An 'Active Duty Alert' On Their Credit Report

With thousands of soldiers being deployed overseas, their credit remains back in the U.S., leaving many military men and women vulnerable to identity theft. It may be more difficult to obtain a credit report while abroad. Depending on their location,