June 2010

Despite Continued Payments, Bankruptcy Will Include All of a Consumer's Assets and Impact Their Credit Report

Bankruptcy can be a tricky process, especially if a consumer plans to continue payments on certain financial obligations. Therefore, understanding the full impact bankruptcy may have, including how it affects a consumer's assets and credit report, ma

How to establish a credit history

One problem some young people may encounter when they seek a loan is that their credit score is too low despite not having any issues with late payment or other problems. This is because young adults typically lack a substantial credit history.

How homebuyers will feel financial reform

Financial reform currently making its way through Congress could change the way consumers qualify and obtain a mortgage loan, according to a recent report by

Tighter Mortgage Underwriting Rules Include a Second Credit Report for Some Lenders

The subprime mortgage crisis resulted in an economic collapse, unprecedented foreclosure rates and a severe decline in employment not seen since the Great Depression. As a result, lenders and financial institutions have changed the rules regarding mo

Young adults remain tied to parents' finances

Tough economic conditions have widened the gap between college graduation and financial independence, according to a recent report by the Wall Street Journal.

Advance fee loans target struggling consumers, businesses

Consumers and small businesses with little or bad credit reports may find it difficult to satisfy some banks' tight lending standards.

Financial advice for recent college graduates

Many young adults graduate college with little in the way of a credit report.

Consumers Have Mixed Feelings about the Efficiency of the Card Act

The Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act was enacted by Congress to protect consumers from unfair lending practices, but some say the measure is falling short on the promises it made, according to Smart Money.