May 2010

Foreclosures, delinquencies may be leveling off, report says

One financial misstep can remain on a consumer's credit report for years to come, making it significantly more difficult to obtain favorable interest rates on credit cards, inexpensive insurance and even some job opportunities.

Using an auto loan to boost credit

Obtaining and remaining current on loans are both major aspects of establishing a strong credit history.

Better Business Bureau advises Americans on credit report monitoring

By now, most Americans understand the importance of credit monitoring as a protective measure against identity theft and reporting errors that may jeopardize one's financial standing. What may be more difficult is knowing how to read one's report or

Americans should examine credit reports for errors

Amid the subprime mortgage crisis and recession, Americans understand the importance of maintaining a strong credit standing. The strength of a consumer's credit report can influence their ability to secure loans and insurance at low rates and gain e