April 2010

Homeowners with poor credit histories who are facing foreclosure may have difficulty renting apartments

Americans who have lost their homes to foreclosure may face new battles trying to find landlords willing to look past their tarnished credit reports. Credit history is a significant factor in determining a consumer's eligibility for securing a loan,

Insurance Rates Determined By Credit Score

Check your credit report for errors before purchasing auto insurance

Metros With Highest Foreclosure Ratings See Improvement In Q1

Government programs have reduced the number of foreclosure filings in the hardest-hit areas

Homebuyer Tax Credit Picks Up Where Federal Program Left Off

High credit scores may equate to lower mortgage loan rates

Treasury Department Emphasizes Financial Literacy

Establishing credit early will help consumers build a strong credit report if they put strong money management skills to use.

FTC annual report details efforts to protect consumers from fraud

It's not always easy for consumers and businesses to take time out of their day to take action against fraudulent activities that may put their credit report or identity at risk.

Patients should be aware of how medical bills may affect their credit reports

Medical bills, especially for the uninsured, can cause significant financial strain that may take years to repair. In this difficult economic climate, consumers should understand how medical expenses can impact their credit.

Charge off rates may be at quarterly, monthly peak

Like any other late payment, a credit card charge off will remain on a consumer's credit report for seven years.

Consumers should weigh the pros and cons before cancelling credit cards

The economic crisis has encouraged many consumers to spend more wisely and simplify their finances by relying less on credit. This leaves many wondering whether or not to close credit card accounts that carry high interest rates or are not used often