September 2010

Request A Second Review if Credit Application is Rejected

If your loan application was denied, check your credit report and correct any inaccuracies. Then ask for a second review of your application.

Proposed Medical Bill Seeks to Reduce Credit Report Damage

New legislation would prevent credit report damage caused by medical-related debt.

Identity Theft Possible After Union Mix-Up

Identity theft criminals got everything they need when Social Security numbers were printed on the outside of envelopes in a recent data breach.

August 2010

Employer Credit Checks Prohibited in Illinois

Amid national controversy over the use of a job applicants' credit information to determine hiring eligibility, the state of Illinois has enacted a law banning the practice.

More Young Adults Turn To Bankruptcy To Discharge Student Loan Debt

As more recent graduates are finding their student loan repayment grace periods expiring and no job in sight, some are considering filing bankruptcy to discharge thousands in debt.

Employers May Use Credit Reports To Determine Honesty

Many companies admit to examining an applicant's credit report to gauge their level of responsibility and trustworthiness, but what about honesty?